President Donald J. Trump is building two walls.  One on the border to protect USA citizens and one in the White House to keep out political swamp water dwellers!  As many have reported, the globalists are very nervous and relentlessly firing their best below the belt media bashing at our next President Trump and his entire family.

Do not believe the media lies being vomited out now any more than the ones they all spewed prior to Trump’s historic win.  There are so many spin doctors out there creating their own news and the Soro’s paid thugs are still being bussed around the country.

One of the sickest and actually most laughable media whore news lines is the one where the designer for the present First Lady (or whatever) is refusing to dress Melania Trump.  Well, I look at Melania and she needs no help from the one who dressed Michelle in her 1950’s style sundresses and black with smacks of red blotched ‘belly’ design dresses.  Michelle can keep her style along with the “Oven Mitt” designer who dressed Hillary.

I for one am looking forward to American made steel, American made cars, American made clothing, along with law and order.  It is time to get innovative and make America safe and great again!




      1. Gregory says:

        I’m you’rs Dianne Marshall it’s not media hype . They’re letting me talk to you so I will, I think the world of you but so many things come before us. I would fight for you though Dianne Marshall & you make me fight

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      2. Gregory says:

        I think the world of you but God showed me things. I have no more contact with Donald Trump – my old twitter username was rogue zionist


      3. Gregory says:

        I wanna be with you Dianne I wanna be with you so bad talk to me , Dianne . Your mine forever forever ever I want you to love me


  1. Gregory says:

    I wanted to let you know hundreds of Trump supporters including myself was locked out of our Twitter accounts after Donald Trump was elected ! I had well over 12k followers . God’s in charge, though .. Another thing Rush Limbaugh has been talking about liberals are wanting a recount they’re trying to steal the election again by making threats to those in the electoral college

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  2. tj says:



    well said as always Ms. Marshall.

    thanks for the follow-up post(s).

    liberal HATERS on some of the forums are following in sicko rosie o’ fashion & attacking young Barron Trump.

    brain damaged – sick, evil, haters … viciously attacking a 10 yr old …

    “as they did not like to retain God in [their] knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (romans 1.28 – kjb)

    Vaya con Dios

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    1. Gregory says:

      I don’t hate you, Dianne, I love you! I think your the best all I have is a picture of you! No fair chic I’m so screwed up and still thinking about you


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