Michelle Obama is out reinforcing the “fake” Trump “is a groper narrative? Really?  I mean really…a direct attack on Trump for words spoken in private 11 years ago?  Meanwhile, real rape and real evil is  habitual to cigar store Bill Clinton and his cold female loving wife who is an enemy combatant to every one of Bill’s victims. Let alone all the female victims that her pro abortion stance forbids from coming out from the womb. michele-ages1215wgkv

Don’t give me this blatant double standard bla, bla from the mouths of all those bought and paid by the globalists.  Those that never look at real crime and avoid looking at real victims, not to mention never telling the truth.  If Clintons go down they all go down that is why they are all getting away with murder and every evil deed.


If the truth were told, the numbers of those harmed by the Clintons would be shocking, and if dead people could talk we would have an army of accusers pointing at the Clintons as the ones involved with the cause of their deaths.  Sadly the victims’ only crimes were they either knew to much, were about to testify, might be called to testify, may eventually talk, or some just  simply needed to be taught a lesson for crossing one of them.  Lucky victims just get off with an IRS audit and or shamefully removed from their careers.  But the Hillary beast goes on and on carrying out her evil schemes in lock step with the globalist puppet master’s whims.

Hillary and Bill can lie with ease, to anyone without conscience or remorse.  They shed no tears for their evil acts against others.  Only for themselves when caught.

Example of what happens to those who cross Hillary – or simply think for themselves…see what happened to a celeb here?


Mark Trump’s words, the  Clinton Foundation ‘pay to play’ sham is by far the biggest Ponzi scheme in history!  I am waiting for it to unravel all the way so the people can see how America was bargained and traded for Agenda 21 deals that lined Clinton’s pockets.

Whitehouse warns Trump to not counter Michelle Obama’s twisted narrative!

If Hillary is elected Obama and Michelle will look like the good guys…America will cease to exist and chaos will reign. There will be no formal ‘welcome to the order’.  Instead there will be a shout like the Red Queen in Alice – “Off with their heads!”  Tyranny in full force with no remorse, only an evil Hillary cackle.




    1. Whatever it is…I am sure the Obama’s believe it to be a kosher thing, a thing that kids need to know about…meanwhile they will lie, kill, steal and destroy all good things and things of value from the average person’s reach. You get black lives matter and all the ilk that goes with it. Deal with the paid thugs.


  1. Ideas Time says:

    Michell is a Micheal Get it? The whole family is a fraud. Produce a real birth cert for the kids if you can. I know they can’t.

    Michell is a man as Joan Rivers explained it before she was murdered. We have a man who is homosexual. a fraud and a man first man for a wife.

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  2. Shela says:

    Not only 1st black man president but 1st black gay man president & black gay man partner, or is that 1st black gay president and black transsexual partner.
    Oh man, now my head hurts.
    I saw that picture back a good while ago. I go OMG I don’t believe it’s what the caption says it is. Caption said it was guy parts. I said it must be her lady time and her lady products are to large. Maybe person who purchased them got X X large . (She is a big ole’ gal!)
    Fast forward 3 years and so much weird is going on till it very well could be 1st gay black/white president and his black transgender partner. Only in Obama, Hillary, Bush, Bill, Mutt Romney world.
    btw I been seeing stuff uncovered in Real News Articles Muffin Romney ain’t no choir boy. What the news article called him was pervert, another called him Snowflake.
    If it is true I pray Trump campaign gets verified truth on Obama/ Michelle/Michael. Someone who really knows come out and tell. Washingtons White House & elite globalist is a cesspool of perversion.
    Trump Pence 2016
    Vote 2016


  3. T. JOHNSON says:

    This is the most idiotic crap ever. I hate Hillary just as much as the next guy, but defending Trump is just plain stupid. He has no business being in politics, and hasn’t said anything of value throughout his entire campaign. Screw them both, but Michelle Obama was completely in her right to speak against Trump. It’s not that he said he’d like to do those things, he said he does do them. Also, this isn’t a 25 year old apologizing for what he said at 15. This is a 70 year old NOT APOLOGIZING for what he said at 60.


  4. Shela says:

    I haven’t seen any new Wikileaks’s in a couple of days. Is there a special site you look at? I have been depending on sites such as RedStateSatcher, DC Closeline ect… to keep me informed. They been writing pretty much same topics a couple days. Shame the evil has spread Lima a cancer within MSM. I wonder if someone had refused to be a part and quit their job if they would be alive today? Are the dollars 💵 Enough for the entire bunch of them to jump onto the evil bandwagon? I just keep thing that many couldn’t be sale outs. Could the stacks be higher than the public knows? Time will tell. Who would want to work for someone who loathes you. That’s what will happen. If Hillary’s elected (God forbid) MSM will work for Hillary’s government.
    Anyone got any feed back as to how to get the Wikileaks’s?


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