TRUMP -“Paul Ryan does not represent the will of we the people, thus he should not be Speaker of the House.”

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It’s about time someone call out the lousy self- willed scoundrels in the Congress and Senate!  It is way past the time that those with a globalist agenda that works against the constitution be called out for the treasonous ilk they are!  If you are sick of watching all the in your face “arse kissing” of great merchants – join Trump and the so-called deplorables in calling out the liars and sending them back home!  Each district holds the power to recall mistakes that give their constituents the finger as they kiss the arses of those who desire to destroy America from within!

RYAN paul-ryan

Ryan is for open borders, North American Union, Made in North America concepts, TTP and other trade acts that destroy American businesses. He is pro bringing America more chaos and destruction by inviting ISIS  Islamist refugees into our nation.  He is pro funding these people from U.S. citizens social security funds and he is UNFIT TO HOLD OFFICE AND TOTALLY UNFIT TO ACT AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!




50 thoughts on “TRUMP -“Paul Ryan does not represent the will of we the people, thus he should not be Speaker of the House.”

  1. D.C. Is a straight up criminal enterprise. Shut the whole nazi-Zionist khazarian,treasonous hell hole down.. Let the trials begin. Study also a great article this am on w/Neil Keenan,bless him. Study the “timelines” @ both sites.


    1. Robert Pilchman says:

      I believe that Pope Benedict XVI ‘retired’ under duress; I guess that Pope Benedict XVI didn’t want to be found with a pillow over his head. (Note: “Cardinal Danneels Admits to Being Part of ‘Mafia’ Club Opposed to Benedict XVI”). As such it is possible that the real pope is still Pope Benedict XVI. Has anyone ever heard Pope Benedict XVI say anything bad or false (such as advocating for the climate change scam)???


  2. The Marshall Report: Definitely the goofiest of the goofy websites powered by WordPress. Thanks for all the goofy posts, not to mention the goofy comments following your posts. There must be an award for Wittiest Website of the Year. If I find one, I shall make it my work for the rest of the year.

    Dianne, keep on keepin’ on!


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