It is now no secret that the Clinton Foundation was formed from the very beginning to be a cash cow for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Agenda 21, funding the globalist’s evil, dastardly deeds to bring about their new world disorder.  Little by little since the founding of the UN presidents have been agenda driven by great merchants and their greed.  Those that opposed ended up in some dismal state of public affairs or  were assassinated.  For those who wonder how it will all end, just open up the good book and read….it doesn’t fair well for evil doers.


The great merchants of the earth, spoken of in Revelations, have worked very secretly out in the open to deceive all the nations and especially Americans.  Revelations states “for by their sorcery were all the nations deceived.”  It also states that “The nations gave their crowns to the beast for a little while….then they hate the whore and burn her with fire”.

russia ISIS-attack-on-Kurds-620x387

It is what it is….remember in the end….the beast made war with the lamb but the lamb shall over come them.  It is written in the same book that the great merchants of the earth shall “weep and wail for no one buys their goods anymore.”


Hang on America and push forward with the ram with the great horn  spoken of in 1st Enoch whose name is Trump!  It is written that other rams will come to fight with the ram sent by God with the great horn and they are gathering as we speak!

All lies shall be exposed and the meek shall inherit the earth.  Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!




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