Finally, I am back.  I have been out of town and unable to get to a computer – my phone did not allow me to access my internet service and my site was not accepting my password … was what it was.  Now ….since I am back….it is time to get caught up and wow…..the crap that has been slinging from the Clinton globalist press is so deep wading boots are useless!  There is no way that Clinton can possibly be elected except by election fraud!  She and her globalist minions who get away with murder, nation toppling, lies, protest launches, and every means of evil tactic – shall be exposed and brought low.  This is written in the big book!

Hold firm and stand with Trump!


5 thoughts on “STAND WITH TRUMP!

  1. Jean says:

    Dianne, Praise YAHUSHA you are back!!! We have missed you and were very concerned about! Always enjoy your informative Posts! Yes let us pray for DJT! The evil minions are working overtime to try to destroy him and our country!


  2. Shela says:

    Welcome Back! Glad to hear from you. Pray it was not all work and you enjoyed some relaxation!
    …The world 🌎 seems to continue in havoc as leaders continue to provoke Putin or should we say “Poke The Bear”, The political scene is in Chaos with as you say lots of mud waiting…And 28 days before election.
    Welcome Home! 🇺🇸


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