I believe Donald Trump has been sent for such a time as this by the Lord of hosts. In the book of Enoch, God raises up a sheep with a great horn to lead the people in the last days to prepare them for the Lord’s return .  A great horn represents a strong and powerful leader.  This great horn speaks to the people and opens their ears and eyes that they might stand upright.   He exposes the wicked ones who oppress God’s people upon the earth and the wicked ones seek to bring him low as he interferes with their deceptive plans.  The same great horn exposes and stands against the evil ones as he unites God’s people to awaken and stand together against the lawlessness in the days leading to the Lord’s return.


It is written in 1st Enoch chapter 90 (translation by E. Isaac) concerning Enoch’s vision of the last days:

Verse 6-21: Then behold the lambs were born from those snow white sheep and they began to open their eyes and see and cried aloud to the sheep.  But as for the sheep, they (the lambs) cried aloud to them, yet they did not listen to what the lambs were telling them, but became exceedingly deafened, and their eyes became exceedingly dim-sighted.  Then I saw in a vision ravens flying above those lambs and they seized one of those lambs; and then smashing the sheep, they ate them.  I kept seeing till those lambs grew horns; but the ravens crushed their horns. Then I kept seeing till ONE GREAT HORN sprouted on one of those sheep, and he opened their eyes and they had vision in them and their eyes were opened.

He cried aloud to the sheep and all the rams saw him and ran unto him.  In spite of this, all those eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites until now continued to rip the sheep, swooping down upon them and eating them.  Those ravens gather and battle with him (the horned ram) and seek to remove his horn, but without any success.


I saw thereafter, the shepherds coming and those vultures and kites cried aloud to the ravens so that they should smash the horn of that ram.  But he battled with them and they fought each other and he cried aloud while battling with them so that God’s help should come.  I kept seeing ‘til that man, who writes down the names of the shepherds and elevates them before the Lord of the sheep came. It is he who helped him and revealed to him everything;  thus help came down for that ram. 


And I kept seeing ‘til the Lord of the sheep came down upon them in wrath (Yeshua – King of Kings and Lord of Lords) and all who saw him fled and fell all into darkness, from before his face.  All the eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites gathered with all the sheep of the field lining up with them and having thus come together in unity, all of them cooperated in order to smash the horn of the ram.  I saw that man who was writing a book by the command of the Lord (John the Revelator), for he opened that book of the destruction which those twelve last shepherds caused and he revealed before the Lord of the sheep that they had much greater destruction than their predecessors. 

I kept seeing till the Lord of the sheep came unto them and took in his hand the rod of his wrath and smote the earth; and all the beasts and all the birds of the heaven fell down from the midst of those sheep and were swallowed up in the earth and it was covered upon them.  Then I saw that a great sword was given to the sheep, and the sheep proceeded against all the beasts of the field in order to kill them; and all the beasts and birds of heaven fled before their face.”


Then I kept seeing until a throne was erected in a pleasant land and he sat upon it for the Lord of the sheep, and he took all the sealed books and opened those very books in the presence of the Lord of the sheep.”   (Enoch continues to show the books are opened at the Lord’s seat of Judgement, then those righteous sheep reign with Him who sits on the throne.)


Say what you will, but in my heart, I believe Donald J. Trump has been called, chosen and anointed for this exact hour.  Amen.




  1. We don’t have a whole lot of time left in this country. We had better choose our vote wisely. It’s more important now than it has ever been in our history. If Trump loses, we all lose, and that also includes the Democrats, too. It really does. My God in Heaven, we have just got to wake up.

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  2. tj says:

    Ms Marshall & others,

    this is a bit OT – but wanted to call it to your attention.

    watching the debate tonight (on cbs – yeah, i know …) – it was pointed out by one of the other viewers – that hillary was Out of Sync …

    hearing the commentary on the RADIO afterward – with debate excerpts – confirmed what i had suspected – hillary’s tone tendency toward ‘shrillary’ (& apparent on the radio) – was being ‘CONDITIONED’ on the idiot box – gifting her with a less offensive than normal – TONE …

    more mainstream media bias / manipulation – it certainly appears …

    Vaya con Dios



  3. Please read Daniel Chapter 8. I think this confirms what you are saying. Trump being the prominent horn from the West (he goat). He crosses to and fro across the earth without touching the ground. He breaks the horns of Media and Persia. After him…for notable horns come out of him.


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