What do evil dictators  look like?  What do they talk like?  Just how wicked is an evil dictator’s wife ?  Should she be toppled along with her husband?  Who am I talking about? President Assad of Syria and his wife, Asmas Al Assad.

These are the same ones boy Rubio, McCain, Lyndsay Graham, Ryan, the Bush’s, Obama, Kerry and Hillary all want to topple down to bring peace to Syria. That is THE LIE  they are and have been shouting.  What they really want to do is take over Syria in order to hurry along their New World Order agenda.  The media whores push the establishment narrative that president Assad of Syria is evil and a corrupt dictator. They fear that when you realize who these people really are, you will be sorry you ever believed any lies told about them, let alone what they have conspired to do against them and all the citizens of Syria.


The real truth is – President  Assad and his wife Asmas Al Assad, care about their people. Syria has been invaded with Islamic radicals that have terrorized their nation. We should be helping Assad, not the radical rebels who have infiltrated in the same manner the US manufactured ISIS has infiltrated throughout the entire region.  President Assad is fighting terrorists.

Meanwhile before Obama’s push to topple Assad and take over Syria, the media wrote wonderful stories about President Assad and his wife Asmas.  Vogue magazine issued a wonderful story calling Asmas the “Rose of The Desert”.  After Obama’s regime targeted Syria, the media buried any good stories and began a cut throat propaganda campaign to match their new narrative of Assad as an evil dictator.  (You know the drill).  They have taken great lengths to rewrite wonderful stories where they once called Asmas Al Assad wonderful things and were amazed at the good will being done by Asmas to people of all faiths. Now they want you to believe that she was faking her lifetime of caring and sided with her so-called evil husband dictator.

The establishment media, in support of Obama’s regime have pushed a propaganda arsenal of civil war crisis and chaos, meanwhile they hired moderate Muslims, trained them and sent them in to fight a sovereign nation.


It is a shame what is taking place there.  And a bigger shame to know that Benghazi was a gun running operation to send guns to Syrian rebels also known as ISIS. It is an evil thing they have done and are doing. Hillary believes they need taken out yesterday.  Hillary has  shamed  Congress for not allowing them to go in and bomb them where it hurts.

Does anyone recall when Rubio  at a primary debate, stated- he only voted NOT to bomb Syria because Obama said he was just going to give them a “Pin Prick”?  Rubio stood there so pompous and proudly said, “If you aren’t going to go to war and do the job then don’t go to war at all.”

It is  out in the open (and has been for some time) how Obama,  McCain, Kerry, Hillary et al were all blood thirsty and busy doing underhanded deals to recruit and train their so-called moderate Muslims to topple Syria the same as they did Libya.


The fact is, Assad is an elected President and Syria has been under an ongoing  terrorist attack; sadly with U.S. support.

I say, Praise the Lord that evil men and women who have usurped our government did not get their way.  If anything, we need to send troops to stand with Assad.



The media is full of ways to tear a person, an event, or a nation down in order to serve the purpose of the establishment in order to make the world operate and think the way they want them to.  Many do this to keep their high paying jobs, and some are in agreement with the global elite concepts.  We have all watched how the faux media does this.  It is time for all to see what has and is really taking place. The truth is Syrians are  greatful to Russia and its’ President Putin for helping to save their nation and support their President Assad!   The Obama regime has committed an act of war and should be held accountable.

Please watch the videos below and click on the links to see who they really are.




  1. Cindi says:

    This makes me sick! The media including Fox News has continually pushed the Obama narrative that Assad is evil and needs to be taken out. Trump is right! The media is so bad and the Obama regime is truley the most evil regime on the planet! Hillary is obama’s right arm ready to continue his monstrous deeds! Time for a change in the right direction to Truth, Peace, Justice, Prosperity and Love that Only Donald Trump can give us!

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    1. Cody Gilbert says:

      You idiot.

      TRUMP: Assad is a bad guy, but we have no idea who the so-called rebels–nobody even knows who they are.
      Carly FIORINA: Governor Bush is correct. We must have a no fly zone in Syria.
      TRUMP: So, I don’t like Assad. Who’s going to like Assad? But, we have no idea who these people, and what they’re going to be, and what they’re going to represent. They may be far worse than Assad. Look at Libya. Look at Iraq. Look at the mess we have after spending $2 trillion dollars, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over the place–we have nothing. And, I said, keep the oil. And we should have kept the oil, believe me. We should have kept the oil. And, you know what? We should have given big chunks of the oil to the people that lost their arms, their legs, and their families, and their sons, and daughters, because right now, you know who has a lot of that oil? Iran, and ISIS.

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      1. If somebody is an idiot, then you! Excuse me! But why do you belive that Trump is right? There is no difference between this and any other president of th U.S.A. Thsi (your!) country is an aggressive imperialistic state, in which the power iss in the hands of thes few billionaers. What did they spent to Iraq? Nothing! The U.S.A destroyed the whole Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. Yes: “keep the oil” – or better: steal the oil, pinch the oil from where ever you can get!


      2. susan_hayase says:

        @sascha313: The person you are responding to does not appear to be promoting Trump’s view. He/she is showing @Cindi that her understanding of Trump’s position is incorrect. FYI.


    2. I turned off 60 minutes tonight because of they were trying help turn Syria into another ISIS stronghold where the Christians are exterminated like Hitler slaughtered the Jews… Trump will stop the slaughter of the Christians by ISIS.

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    3. Christine Peacock says:

      So you believe that Assad now with Putin’s aid (Assad being the wealthiest DICTATOR on earth and Putin aspiring to be) is bombing his own country to smoke out terrorists? Only the Syrian People on the ground can tell us whats really happening there. And they are SCREAMING loud and clear! ISIS has no presence there. This is GENOCIDE. But your bleeding ❤️ goes out to the TYRANNICAL DICTATORS, THE GOVERNMENT? I thought (R) voters preferred a tiny little impotent gov’t ? What you really want is a TYRANNICAL DICTATOR to tell you what to do and who to hate and in return you can be HIS adoring PROPAGANDA PUPPET.


  2. I have been preaching this since the beginning of the Arab Spring kicked started by the Saudi King Abdullah and overseen by Prince Bandar Bin Sultan and Barry Soetoro. This is one example of many others why we must carefully research everything before spreading what could potentially be dangerous disinformation….The SRA were nothing more than Sunni Muslim mercenaries from over the Mideast who were quickly taken over by the Wahhabi under King Abdullah’s control.
    When he died, so did the control the Saudis had over them.

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  3. Reminds me also of the horrible injustice the Clinton’s and the UN poured out upon the Kosovo Serbs. It was then as it is today, unconscionable. It were the Islamic Kosovo Albanians who were committing human rights abuses and the Christian Serbs who were desperately defending themselves. But damn the truth and the fools so gullible to praise Clinton’s intervention on behalf of the Muslims…
    Kinda rings some bells today does it not, especially in light of Hilary’s Islamic pandering.

    Kosovo Albanians

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    1. ElohimNemesis666 says:

      Another Jewish or fascist muslim hater spotted, so you got no matter Trump or Hillary, the jewish billionaires will lick to get Iran destroyed now, next Saudis, next Jordon, lebanon eyc etc and on and on


  4. Billy DuBose says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just one of the many reasons establishment politicians do not want Trump in the POTUS slot…..he might uncover the lies! With less than 45 days until the most important Presidential election in over 200 years, I am compelled to act and to speak , whenever I can, for the only candidate that will save true American Ideals……Donald Trump! I have 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and two great grandsons, and at my age, the only things left in life , worth worrying about, is the future of our family and our country……..both of which, I would lay down my life for, or give all that I have! Trump will not only bring America back in to a prosperous state ,with his vast business acumen, but will secure this Nation, and appoint future Supreme Court Justices that will continue our conservative values. If elected, Trump has pledged to strengthen the Military; Improve health care and costs of prescribed drugs, for the entire Nation, especially Veterans and Sr.s; Save Social Security; Reduce crime and improve education, industry, and jobs in our inner Cities; return Education back to the States to control; Negotiate better Foreign deals; Establish better Vetting of immigrants and refugees; defeat terrorism; Stop drugs from pouring in to America; Lower Taxes; Will Place Americans First , in Government Assistance; vastly improving our infrastructure; stop Government Corruption; stop wasteful Government spending; and he will work hard to develop better foreign relations with allies and our enemies, than any President in recent history. Like me , Donald Trump loves his family, and his country. He is leaving a hugely successful business (Turning it over to his children) simply because he has reached a pinnacle of being a multi-billionaire, and now he wants to use his enormous business acumen to help his country. Never has America been blessed to have such a successful businessman, running for the Presidency, simply because he loves America. John F. Kennedy once said, ” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”…..Well, for the first time in history, we have such a Presidential candidate…….a man who just wants to save his country, and secure it’s citizens…… financially, militarily, and internally. Donald Trump has spent his life building fantastic buildings, while improving the lifestyle of his family, and the lives of all who worked for or with him. Hillary has spent her life lying, covering up crime, selling America out for profit, white-washing her husband’s,Bill’s, sins, allowing free flow of drugs, hiding her failures and corruptions by blaming innocent others, and bearing false witness against others to mask her unlawfulness…….all while living above the Law. She wants to raise taxes so she can allow a free flow of unvetted aliens in, just so they will hopefully vote for Democrats….insuring their liberal reign in America’s future! Stand up, America, while we still can, and say “We have had enough”! Vote Trump!

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    1. Sense of Justice says:

      Truly, I find it remarkable that you could be convinced by such a drastic con. If Trump is such an honest and successful business man, how come he doesn’t pay his taxes? You’ve been taken for fools, you millions of Trump voters. He’s promised you the earth, and it all sounds so simple. He will find it isn’t. (Either he knew that all along, and is a devious liar, or he is stupid.)

      You will find out eventually that he never gave a damn about you and the only thing he is interested in is his personal power.

      Meantime you now have the most dangerous president in history- an emotionally unstable, childish and easily provoked amateur who is going to have to deal with a very dangerous world.


    1. Ramona, treurig is eigentlijk, hoe dom zijn sommige Amerikanen, die geloven dat de Mr.Trump is de Verlosser van de natie. Het probleem ligt in de economie: de Verenigde Staten zijn een kapitalistische staat, het monopolistische kapitaal heeft de macht!

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  5. These so-called “white helmets” are no accident assistants, no emergency doctors, no human rescuers. They make the muddy work for the terrorists, they remove the bodies of which the Al Nusra and Daesh terrorists have cut off their heads. They remove the tracks of the US-crimes!


    1. You are right sascha313 and I was very surprised to see their photo as part of an article which is rightly favourable to the Assads. Dianne Marshall needs to be enlightened and perhaps if she reads your comment on her article she will try to be better informed.


  6. The country under his family’s rule for a long time now, needs to be peaceful. If I was to believe this story and others, it would need to convince me, that because his influence, they’re bringing things to peace. Him allowing things to continue to be destroyed and people living in desperation and fear, that sure doesn’t make him a good leader. It makes him appear to be willing to have these wars go on as they have for years. He profits from this, obviously, or it would stop.


    1. Maybe, iggy, you have never been in Syria, maybe you read even the New York Times or the Wall Street Jounal? I don’t know it. But I know a little bit more about Syria because I’ve been there many time before the war. Syria: Syria was a peaceful country! … in any case, as long as the USA didn’t begin with the war against Syria!

      I also know that it is no civil war but an aggression. In Syria the people already knew the Israeli aggression with occupation of the Golan territory. And now Syria also knows the murderous war of the Daesh, Al-Nusra etc. bandits. These bandits are paid und armed by the USA, the Nato and the Emirates. This war is (like it was in Iraq also) about the oil.

      Maybe you also know that in 2012 were discovered big oil deposits in the coastal region of Syria – shortly after then began the war!

      Who did say that Bashar al-Assad is a dictator? No, this is a legend! This is repeated in the western mass media every day. It is a lie! Did you know that Br.Bashar Al-Assad is a doctor of medicine, an ophtalmic surgeon, an oculist? He is very well-known as doctor, and the Syrian people love him by the way….

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  7. The American media has simply lied so much, starting in the Clinton administration until now, that I can see their lies coming a mile away. The media is not believable at all, and that media is especially untrustworthy on Syria.

    The news hens chirp in a flutter that babies are dying, almost on cue with somebody saying that we have to invade. These same people can’t even quote Donald Trump correctly, but can all, on cue, lie egregiously about killer cops, evil Trump, or innocent 12-year-old black future astronauts who just happen to be 17-year-old armed drug addicts who dropped out of school. So SURE – I need to believe the media now, without question, BECAUSE BABIES ARE DYING.

    Why didn’t they care about the babies ISIS was killing? Wow. I guess that was different somehow.

    The American media lies. And that is why America is electing Donald Trump – to clean out this nest of vipers, both in government and media, and to return honesty to our public square, so tarnished with these people’s corruption.

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  8. I support D. Trump and wish he will become president. I know that Hillary is part of the evil establishment, the support of the Bush family to her is proof enough! However, this should not obscure the reality of what is going on in Syria.

    No one knows the Assads, father Hafez and son Bashar, more than the Lebanese. We have suffered under those killers since the early 1970s, they have usurped and destroyed our beautiful Lebanon and after their army left Lebanon in 2005 under popular and international pressure they started an assisination campaign killing dozens of Lebanese politicians and journalists wo opposed them. They also supported, armed and organized the shiite militia of hezballah to become their proxy in Lebanon.

    The Syrian revolt started in 2011 as an unarmed series of protests against an oppressive regime that monopolized all power and wealth in Syria and left 95% of the population in utter poverty; the regime always responeded using lethal force and killing unarmed protesters; this continued for almost 2 years until large sections of the army rebelled and thus the conflict became armed and much more bloody. Isis came into the picture in 2014-2015 probably covertly assisted by the regime intelligence agancies.

    The only party that benefited from isis in Syria is the syrian regime, bashar assad, since after isis came into the scene bashar stated claiming that he is fighting “terrorism” and he aligned himself with the global “war on terror”. Thus now you see an article like the one above!

    The Assads, father and son, are EVIL more than any evil you can imagine. No whitewashing articles can change their reality or erase their genocidal sins.


    1. What you write here, is simply a lie. I know Lebanon. Maybe you remember the Israeli aggression in 1978 and 1982 against Beirut and other Lebanese towns. Also against Plästina. It was Israel which destroyed Libya – not Assad. And it was yout country – the USA and other Nato states which intervented in this Israeli war and destroyed Beirut once more. Not Syria! The USA are (no matter whether Clinton or Trump!) an aggresive imperialistic state. And you are a liar!

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  9. Angela says:

    I just finished talking to my dear friend from Syria about this. She’s a dentist and a very sincere and legit person. She said that he is a bad dictator and that the people there at one point wanted a democracy and he said “Ok, fine. If that’s what you really want”. And then he let the people vote. Everyone who didn’t vote for him either got killed, driven out, or placed in jail. This lady’s family left their well established careers to come to America and save their two little girls from all of the destruction. There is no question what kind of person he is. It’s sad that people don’t have freedom like we do.


    1. Certainly, this “American” lady has left Syria because she can earn in the USA much more than in Syria. And she did not need to pay her education in Syria, because the study in Syria is free. But doctors are needed there – today more than ever before. It is a sordid, egoistic setting if a doctor or teacher leaves his own country, when the country needs him. The people in Syria trust in her government. One cannot count on such cowards, how your “dear friend”.


  10. Lawrence Smyth says:

    I have only glanced at this information tonight. I am sickened that mankind can be so evil and others unaware so misled. I will watch these videos and read this information more slowly in the fullness of time and comment more fully but right now my heart goes out tonight, to those innocents who have been made to suffer so much, for so little, for so long. This intolerable situation cries out for redress , even vengence but above all cessation of violence which brings only suffering and deprivation.


  11. I have shared your report about Assad not being what we in the West are told by our leaders and their puppet media. I asked if I was being disloyal to share but felt it needed to be read. Please confirm the authticity ofvthst report as I have read sometimes fake reports are issued in your name. I hope it is genuine.

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    1. Adrian, can one believe then these stupidities? Whether Clinton or Trump – this does not change the politics of this state “U.S.A.”. The large-scale enterprises, the banks, the Wall Street and the Pentagon have the power. Do you really believe that the people in U.S.A.can decide anything??? Do you really believe that this electoral theatre has any other sense, than to deceive the own people?


  12. do the people posting here know that the US CIA is training and arming ISIS just like the last label. what was it , arabian for ‘database’, creative bunch. So they still have their arabian database of mercs, that they train in bases in pakistan, afganistan, etc. then they put them against the us military and slaughter them and learn from the data that gets generated. Wow, is there still people out there who believe in the UN NWO boner of a plan or are actually getting played by them? who the hell is that stupid that they didn’t figure out in grade school that things were looking like they had an agenda planned, like a long term one? Global Village anyone? lets go there and make peace with lots of armies and weapons and propaganda. For fuck sakes, everyone, drop the act. start being real, don’t even do the pretend thing for the first bit with people who you just met, just go right into the real life stuff, fuck it. if they get shocked, it’s because they have some fetish for it at this point. If you’re to stupid to realize whats really going on at this point then people should just give up on you. Fucking ignorance. so rampant,. we need teachers, ones that we cherish, allow to write their cirriculum, pay more than the top CEO’s, and we need to PRINT our OWN money to DO IT.
    If you’re a useless moron, you might ask where we would get that money. If you hear someone say that, punch them right in the eye. next time somebody pretends the ECONOMY is real, give them a shiner to remember what the fuck is going on. THE ECONOMY IS FUCKING FAKE, that should be obvious to everyone as it is to my 8 year old son. If you don’t realize it, well you should probably get yourself an education. A real life education not a new world order mason coward education. Thats another thing people need to realize, these men are COWARDS, their methodology is simply that, it’s a cowardly cry baby whiny way to try to win control of a society, they went with this method, first because well, they are led by a guy who wants them all to burn in hell and dosent give a shit about one of them. Second, because they figured this sad, sad way to covertly poison us and ruin our food supply is better than fighting us in open combat. because they couldn’t find a way to pitch us against our fellow man enough times to get a chance to put a dagger in our backs for good. Well, the joke is on you, COWARDLY masons, who could not deal with an overtaking of your lodges, even at the local community level. You weak, weak excuse for human beings. I am truly embarassed and sad and sorry for you. Also, the creepy occult esoteric knowledge is basic conciousness knowledge and is being studied everywhere. everyone is becoming aware are you are all now well aware thanks to all your manufactured psycic and photographic memory sporting pseudo super-workers, that aren’t all that super at all now you’re in full swing are they. Is it a suprise that all your projects are really a sad excuse for what they were claimed to be? There is no love in your ranks, there is a bunch of men looking over their shoulder for the back stabbing. What we have here folks is the greatest semblance and soon riddance of cowardance in the history of the human species. It’s quite delightful for the supporters of the one law and family of light and freedom and all of those pseudo opposed groups to see the infinite wisdom of conciousness just shit all over the poor excuse for a leader you have. I would deal with him myself. I fear him no more than I would an insect in this world, I have all I need to accomplish everything asked of me. Can all of you say the same? I know where I will be when all the shots are fired, every man fallen. Do you? Perhaps you need to think out of the box a little, perhaps beyond the heartbeat or breath that this state we are in calls a lifetime. perhaps you didn’t think far enough ahead. You can’t say we didn’t offer you a chance to redeem yourself. You all got many. There may be chances for some of you yet. All the fake glimpses at the lake of fire don’t mean that they have an ounce of control there. You are going there already if you let it scare you. To shy away from battle from fear of pain or death is shameful. To shy away from battle from respect for your enemy and wish to end bloodshed on this place is not shameful. coexistence and fighting our real enemy together is what will unite us in the end, we are all brothers in the end. those who hate us and conspire against us and the kingdom of heaven will all be defeated. Unless we wish them freed. If we wish that no souls go to the lake of fire, none will. That’s a big secret. on both sides. Guess what. It’s pretty damn likely. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to see lucifer the redeemed walking around the crowd on the right side of Jesus anytime soon, but we can always pray for him. If we pray for his soul we have made the first step. If you can forgive one who hates our race, refused to bow down to adam with some of the fallen, perhaps that is the first olive branch we need extend. To show that we are more than simple earthmen, we have the breath of the one true God within us. Breathe deeply my friends, enjoy how life feels. You have forgotten much. It was and is the plan for us. The secret of who you are is the most vital secret in the entirety of creation. You will learn it and it will set you free. forever and ever.
    in lakesh


  13. Brit says:

    Assad is the one giving the orders. He may not be out on the front lines pulling the trigger, but he is giving the okay for others to do so. Innocent children are dying at his cost. Yet he is able to go one with his day to day life. A quick peacful end would seem he gives up his presidency. If you truly care about the people of Syria and wanted to spare the lives of innocent civilians would’nt you give it up? I would in a heartbeat. Instead here we are years later singing the same tune. I hope you ROT IN HELL ASSAD!! RIP to the innocent families ripped apart by selfishness!


    1. @Brit. There are only two possibilities: either you are indoctrinated by the US-american and Western mass media and you believe the lies of the CIA, or you belong to the enemies of the Syrian people. You maybe have never been in Syria. Probably you also do not know the history. What one can learn from the history, is this: The U.S.A. are an aggressive imperialistic state. No state in the world has attacked in last decades so many countries and has murdered and killed so many millions of people like the U.S.A. – the U.S.A. are an empire of the crime!

      One-sided information is never good. It makes you blind for the historical truth, and you become (where ever you live) a tool in the hands of the most aggressive political and military forces. That is what we have learned in Germany after the WWII. The Nazist Germany was occupying and destroying whole Europe and the Soviet Union Maybe you know that the U.S.A. has destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki without any military need with atom bombs. The U.S.A. began the Korea war (1950-53), the Vietnam war (1954-73), the Lebanon attack (in 1958 and 1982) and war and invasions in many other coutries – and the U.S.A. were involved in the war in the Ukraine with military and financially support.

      In every capitalistic country the people have no power. They cannot influence the politics, because the state is an instrument of the ruling class of capitalists. After the elections the life of the people will not change for them. Who has the power in U.S.A.? Finally the power is only in the hands of the oligarchs, the millionnaires, the monopoly capitalists, the multinational groups who determine the politics, and every president has to follow them. As long as the means of production are not in the hands of the people, it will remain so.

      Before the invasion of the US-supported and mercenary armed forces Syria was a peaceful country, an Arabian democracy. Syria is a country rich in oil, but the avarice for foreign wealth and profit made the ruling circles of the U.S.A. attack this country and break the sovereignty of this country. Against all rules of the international law!


  14. Kris says:

    I’m in winnipeg , manitoba, canada and I feel terrible, just horrible that America is my neighbor and is killing babies and mothers and good men and father’s in Syria and for what purpose?
    Is it for oil?
    Syrian people are just like anyone else wanting a decent life.
    I wish we could all help them.
    I have seen Obama boast about selling weapons globally.
    What are American politicians?
    Savages in suits I think.
    The real baby killers.


  15. Kris says:

    America has no business even being in a foreign country so it appears to me America IS the terrorist.
    America is everywhere shooting , bombing and burning,murdering.
    I know it’s not what the average and common American citizen wants but as you or I, they can do nothing about it.
    Its the American oil companies and military doing it and the wealthy elite in their boredom and greed killing all.
    American soldiers should rebel against the establishment but in see them instead happily murdering from a distance in their hi tech murder machine helicopters and using grenades to shoot a single helpless soldier into pieces.
    I’m sickened.


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