Charlotte’s Arab Fall, AKA – Hillary’s Soros Sponsored Terrorism Approved By Obama!


It appears Hillary is instigating an Arab Fall in America. This is what she and her muzzie friends do best. Stirr up riots and sit back and lie about how entitled they are to destroy. It is time to bring this Soros Clinton terrorism out in the open!

Those who have watched the middle east Arab Spring of democracy have figured out the progressive democratic patterns.  Start out by recruiting those who have a warped vendetta against law and order, coupled with a propaganda ideology.  Be their friend in name only and arm them with the proper systems and equipment to do their self- liberating destructive deeds.  Give them space to destroy and encourage the terrorism through a ‘justice will be served  to all oppressors’ imaginary  rhetoric.


They then stand back and fuel the fire with false statements that keep the rioters going in an effort to recruit more vigilantes.  This only works when government is backing the efforts.  Just like they did when they created al-Qaida,  and ISIS. 

It appears we are witnessing a government false flag operation that is rewarding violence in our good cities in order to push a federal agenda to place our municipal and state governed policing into the hands of the federal government.  More specific it is called “Obama’s Federal Task Force  For The 21st Century Policing .  This was designed a long while back and formed after the first false flag riots in Ferguson.  It was tested in the Baltimore riots and was a total fail. 


What the news never told you is that Mayor Blake of Baltimore was on that task force and the order to “give space to destroy” was one of the ideas Obama’s task force for 21st century policing so boldly came up with.  Well, it was a major fail. 

For those who scoff and ask – what does the government have to gain by doing such things?  My answer is succinct.  It creates the chaos needed to enforce 21st Century Policing which will be INTERPOL (UN Policing) in every city across America and it is a push to take away your second amendment gun rights.

Toppling America from within by showing many staged videos of an unjust police force along with a few bonus’s of true events which when reported are skewed to fit the narrative.

Peaceful protests do not include destroying property, harming others, and endangering society.  That is more accurately defined as riots and terrorizing the public.

In closing might I add the fact that in Charlotte rioters were flown in from as far away as Florida and bused in from New York to help reek havoc!

It is time to expose the evil and put an end to the treason and authorized terrorism. 



13 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Arab Fall, AKA – Hillary’s Soros Sponsored Terrorism Approved By Obama!

  1. Ideas Time says:

    Good evening Dianne,

    You rock. I know you get it.

    All events now are bought and paid for false flags.

    You can pay anyone to who has immunity to loot, steal and cause havoc,

    Most of this is a distraction and designed to bring in Martial Law which they have no constitutional authority to do so.

    People like you and I are making a difference. Here is the real deal, The irs and the fed are privately owned. Most people do not understand that they are foreign owned trusts and corporations and unconstitutional.

    Elections have rigged to keep these people in power for decades.

    Every wonder why people who run against them always loose?

    It is all rigged by the elite who use private elections and rigged polls to rig the results. Voting is a supper scam to con the masses into think we will get it right next time, gave consent and let them steal yet again from we the people who are the gov.

    Polls are Psyops to con us.

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  2. Robert Pilchman says:

    ( Note: ; ; ; ; )

    “Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Chester Township, PA 9/22/16 (RSBN Cameras)” –

    “Donald Trump Stops for Philly Cheesesteak in PA. “Going to Get one for Hillary”(9-22-16)” –

    “Donald Trump Reacts To Riots And Unrest In Charlotte – Trump On Lou Dobbs” “Published on Sep 22, 2016” –


  3. Robert Pilchman says:

    “Hillary Clinton just lost every Republican she ever had, including Never Trump, all farmers & sm. biz, by saying she’ll tax estates at 65%.” –

    “Trump Just Revealed Some Additions To His Supreme Court List and It Has Liberals Terrified” –

    “Ted Cruz has officially endorsed Donald Trump.”-

    “Breaking! Presidential candidate has possible stroke during interview” –


  4. Matamoros says:

    What Obama is really trying to do with this BLM crap is to goad White Americans into defending our cities so he can then declare martial law and bring in UN “peacekeeping troops”, while cancelling the election. Americans must wait for Trump’s inauguration and then he will take things in hand to end this subversion of our country.


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