This is why you never give election fraud doers a free pass.  The Hillary establishment camp along with the DNC have been pushing out every lie and smear in order to rig their sickling  (Hillary) into some sort of .winning candidate.  Forget the fact that they high jacked the election from Bernie through the primaries and at the DNC….now we have evidence they have been desperately trying to push Hillary in the polls. Take a look at the Net Message to pollster Patrick Murray and make note of the (his eyes only) disclaimer!


Is anyone surprised?  Heck no, we all knew the polls were skewed!  What is surprising is the smoking Net Mail has leaked out.  It just may be that somewhere in America another suicide is about to take place.  I mean at this point it is obvious that if the Clinton camp finds out who leaked the Monmouth University document … that head is sure to roll.


Pollster Patrick Murray could not be reached for questioning.  If any one sees him, please ask him to explain why Monmouth was rigging the polls?

The downright fact and truth is – Trump is winning big league!  But hey….who am I to change their narrative?




2 thoughts on “HILLARY CAMPERS CAUGHT RIGGING MONMOUTH POLLS! “For Patrick Murray’s Eyes Only?” HUGE FAIL!

  1. This poll, like Reuters and many others, is nothing more than purchased marketing, with a pre-determined result. The vast majority of scientific, nonpartisan polls, show Trump ahead. The democrats, and their cable news media minions, have no regard for the truth. They have no qualms about indulging in obfuscation, lies, deception and propaganda. 2016 is the year of disclosure, and that is why the democrats will lose.


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