Fake media tried to say Hillary was walking back her “Deplorable” comments.  If this is walking it back….I know why she has a hard time walking forward two feet to a Scooby van!


Here is what Hillary said on Facebook September 10, 2016 

“Last night, I was “grossly generalistic,” and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying “half”—that was wrong. But let’s be clear, what’s really “deplorable” is that Donald Trump hired a major advocate for the so-called “alt-right” movement to run his campaign and that David Duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their values.

It’s deplorable that Trump has built his campaign largely on prejudice and paranoia and given a national platform to hateful views and voices, including by retweeting fringe bigots with a few dozen followers and spreading their message to 11 million people. It’s deplorable that he’s attacked a federal judge for his “Mexican heritage,” bullied a Gold Star family because of their Muslim faith, and promoted the lie that our first black President is not a true American.

So I won’t stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign. I also meant what I said last night about empathy, and the very real challenges we face as a country where so many people have been left out and left behind. As I said, many of Trump’s supporters are hard-working Americans who just don’t feel like the economy or our political system are working for them. I’m determined to bring our country together and make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. Because we really are “stronger together.”

What I just read is nothing more than continued lies about Trump, and a very pathetic so called – walk back. It was far from any form of apology.  The woman is truly a cruel mess.


By the way,  who invented the new politically (in)correct term  “ALT RIGHT”?  Does that make anyone who believes and talks different than Hillary subject to free speech “ALT DELETE”?  Apparently so.  I think she just alt deleted herself from the American people!


Even if she is sick, I haven’t heard any get well quick wishes yet.  But some have said she was handcuffed and arrested.  That explains her hands behind her back.


From all the photos we have seen of Hillary clinging to tables, stair rails, chairs and staff for support.  It makes no sense that she wouldn’t have both of her arms wrapped around staff members instead of behind her back like the video showed. Reviewing the video again and again, it is looking more like she was in an arm hold and cuffs until she started to seizure out and couldn’t walk. It looks like they then removed the cuffs and the woman kept her in an arm hold while the man arm held her other arm as she stumbled face first into the van like a slab of meat.  No coddling was taking place like we are used to seeing.  It was strictly a serious – get in the dang van now woman type of thing.


Watch videos again….this time look at her hands behind her back.  Could the metal thing that dropped have been a hand cuff key?  Could they have had to loose her cuff when she fell?

I mean, Hillary is the grabber in chief for holding onto things especially those helping her.


By the way,  why didn’t her medical handler get in the van with her? Where was he?


But, take this with a grain of salt for I am in her quote  “basket of deplorables” unquote. And among those she calls  retweeting fringe bigots with a few dozen followers and spreading their message to 11 million people.”




  1. Shela says:

    After you drew my attention to the details I was once again taking what media said as truth. It’s hard to break life long habits. Donald Trump has repeatedly told us not to believe the midia. Looking at this video with a different perspective it’s looks more like an arrest. No one is treating her gentle. No one is trying to offer comfort. In fact it looks like the man that circles around and takes her are in a firm hold was rough tough doing so. The misinformation is running rampant. I saw a YouTube video this morning supposedly from ABC -Channel 7 saying Hillary had died yesterday after a medical episode. I went back about 1.00 p.m to pull up video b/ c Often I have trouble loading things. Which was the case this morning. I only heard I think it was 2 sentences and it froze up. Hillary died after a medical episode was the jest of what I heard. I don’t remember verbatim. The video at 1:00 p.m had the same title Hillary Clinton Died yesterday. This time it wouldn’t load at all. I assumed it was a hoax and Had been taken down. I still believe it was a hoax.
    The headline News were reporting a Emergency Meeting was being call to replace Hillary. I smile :~) not as long as she can still breathe you want replace her. She has waited too long for this. She thought it was a shop in. Then came Donald J. Trump .

    Was that Huma standing behind her? Her arm kinda looked a little bit comforting. The reason I’m surprised at the cold kinda rough treatment is because Hillary pays these people. Isn’t this her closest team members?
    Like I said rumors are running rampant which is always what happens when there is no truth coming out

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    1. I have been trying to understand the actions which took place which were out of the norm for both Hillary and her doting handlers. These were not doting. Nor was anyone attending to her at all. Her hands were clearly behind her back until she took the first step then there was a scuffle and her right arm was released for the man to take a hold. People shielded the episode and she was dropped like dead meat into the van. There is a metal piece that did fall by her pant leg but it was first seen mid calf…NOT out from her pant leg. It bounced and went behind the pole. It could have been a hand cuff key that was dropped when trying to release her hands fast to keep her from smashing her face on the ground. Why the secrecy? It looked to me like special FBI or CIA and the officers were there. It was not her regular secret service nor her regular handlers. So there is suspect – because all things are so crooked right now. And the media lies, her campaign lies, and the regime lies. We have been infiltrated.

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      1. Thank you Dianne, I think you are right. Another thing that might have dropped is a bracelet or other piece of jewelry she was wearing, but the cuff key makes sense.

        I’m an epileptic and know that if she was seizing (and yes, in other videos of this occurrence, I did see the large black man who has been attending her lately to keep her going, by hook or by crook) …. they would not have even attempted to throw her into the van face first. Her knees probably gave because she didn’t want to go and they had to get her there.

        If she was sick, they would have let her take a breath, then sat her down on the floorboard of that vehicle, then lifted her in from the back with attendants in the front and just as many fluttering around her to keep the pics from being taken. They tried that, but we saw way too much.

        The Oversight Committee Hearings on why the FBI thinks it has the right to “redact” anything from the production they are ordered to submit. When they were given the usual song and dance (last night) Chairman Chaffetz slapped the Assistant Director of the FBI (a new guy) with a subpoena and pronounced him legally served right there in front of God and everybody watching on television. There is going to be another hearing starting today at 10:00 a.m. EDT with the Oversight Committee and all who can … should watch so you have a better handle on who is defending this helpless butterfly and who wants the truth AND NOW!

        These hearings would make perfect sense for her to be in custody before they began … because if they decide to charge her with perjury before Congress …. she is already in their hands. It is going to be an interesting day.

        As for the double coming out of Chelsea’s apartment? That’s a no-brainer. Typical Clinton subjugation.

        Stay tuned everyone!

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      2. Robert Pilchman says:

        Dianne – If the video seems difficult to understand … that’s probably because Hillary is apparently suppressing info regarding her illness(es) (and ordering the secret service to act accordingly). Moreover, the Secret Service seem to have experience with these type of incidents (and the expectations of Hillary).

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      3. Shela says:

        Thanks Dianne,
        I read this post yesterday. Didn’t understand the meat of what you were saying.
        If I understand how CIA & FBI operated……
        They can and do make arrests till the deal is done.
        Live out lives in foreign country….
        The ABC affiliate Channel 7 who are a large News Station in NYC. Jumping the gun with announcement.
        This is no longer a soap opera. It turned into Spy, espionage, power, money, sex Action Movie.
        Personally I don’t like those kind of movies.
        The days ahead will be interesting.


    2. Shela says:

      I saw this the first time I looked at these pictures on this post . Thought I was imagining things. It just won’t go away. The Hillary in the first picture (hard Hillary) The Hillary with the black man standing at the podium (soft Hillary) her hair is not Hillary hair. Are they the same Hillary?


  2. Robert Pilchman says:

    We have NOT taken millions of dollars and subsequently authorized transfer of 20% of our Uranium to Russia – unlike Crooked Hillary! … We support Trump – a wonderful father and businessman who is running for President of the United States to Make America Great Again (MAGA); according to Hillary, we belong to the basket of the Deplorable or [and] the basket of the Desperate ( http://time.com/4486502/hillary-clinton-basket-of-deplorables-transcript/ ) . Initially, Hillary indicated the percentage of Deplorable at 50% and subsequently indicated a lower percentage .

    Make no mistake Crooked Hillary (and her cronies) want to continue to further the interests of the Globalists (example: exploitation of illegal immigrants) at the expense of We the People including but not limited to the deprivation of our rights such as our First and Second Amendment rights. BTW: Perhaps communication of the Alt-right ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt-right ) is defined by Hillary as communication of the Deplorable and/or the Desperate, and would treat such communication similar to yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater.

    “Large Google Manipulation: How the search engine brings Clinton millions of votes” –



    “Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks to the National Guard Association in Baltimore 9/12/16” –


    “Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Asheville, NC 9/12/16” –









    https://twitter.com/LindaSuhler/status/775402664913809408 JW

    “On Israeli TV, Hillary makes the choice for Trump clearer than ever” – http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/On-Israeli-TV-Hillary-makes-the-choice-for-Trump-clearer-than-ever-467471

    “Doctors Weigh In on Hillary’s Health” — http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/09/12/doctors-weigh-in-on-hillarys-health/



    “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Needs To Hire Better Liars” –


    May G-d please bless and protect Donald Trump and all of his decent supporters – defamed by the sick, demonic, and/or misinformed as the “deplorable” and/or the “desperate”.

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  3. Shela says:

    I keep watching video. My spirit feels uneasy. This time I see what looks like Hillary’s hands still behind her in handcuffs when the man circles around and firmly puts his arm around her arm and they start to the van. I would think it is hard to walk handcuffed under normal conditions. You just kinds need your hands in front for balance. If your sick I would imagine you would try to walk then fall face foward into Van. Still no comforting cold hard. . Where is Huma?
    That whole video is not people helping in a crisis.

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    1. I agree Shela. It is alarming to see the amount of secrecy. Something is taking place and when it involves Hillary – it isn’t good. Clinton Cash deals have powerful people who do not want their evilness exposed any more than it has been. Our government is infiltrated with many who will stop at nothing to cover their own evil deeds. When Clinton’s go down they all go down – remember that. Something is up. Here is where you must know how the CIA works. How they do arrest people then make the deal – Hillary would never drop out. She drops over before ever dropping out – as we all can see. But – she just may end up in another country to live out her last days and publically be pronounced dead. Whatever it is they decide – one thing is clear….they are very sloppy right now and indecisive on what it is they are doing.


      1. They do not have ANY OTHER candidate that could possibly win against Trump and Americans who support him. NONE. They know that too. They also know the newly named deplorables are on to all their evil games and watching all things.


  4. Remember that movie where those two guys had to make it look as if their dead boss was still alive for a weekend? How about trying to keep a near-dead old shrew looking good to the American public so she can be elected president? By now, you’ve probably seen the video of the Wicked Witch nearly falling on her face at the 911 ceremony yesterday morning, then being dragged by Secret Service agents (losing her fucking shoe in the process!) into a van that whisked her away. Her “people” said that the old gal was feeling “overheated”, and simply went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to rest for a bit. Uh…it was in the 70’s and breezy yesterday morning, but we’ll just go with the official story I guess…these folks wouldn’t lie to us, right? It’s just odd how she left so abruptly, seemingly unconscious, as she was tossed into the van like a sack of potatoes…she never even said goodbye to the press pool assigned to her. Gee, that was rude huh? Ya know what really pisses me off about all this? It is insulting to the intelligence of any normal adult when these lying bastards (the Clinton political machine and the mainstream media) try to tell us that everything is OK with this nasty old cunt when we can plainly see that isn’t the case. I’m reminded of Orwell’s 1984; “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”…they are pissing on your back and telling you that it’s raining, folks.

    This is just days after Hillary called half of Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables!”. That’s about 50 million Americans that she just slapped in the face. Some are coal miners in West Virginia, some are cops and fire-fighters who put their lives on the line everyday, others are doctors and nurses who heal our ill, some are school teachers, truck drivers, bank tellers, mechanics, ministers…all seen as “deplorable” scum in the eyes her Royal Highness, just because they would prefer to vote for Trump in November. Donald Trump doesn’t appeal to all Americans, but to bastardize his supporters like this really tells you what’s going on in this bitches head…she does not give a flying fuck about ANYONE who isn’t going to vote for her. Even then, if elected she will quickly forget about those minorities that helped put her into office, and all the false promises she made to them. Hillary is a fucking chameleon…she can be black, brown, yellow, or white on a moments notice; whatever color is going to work on a particular day. What’s scary is that a lot of these people (minorities, the LGBT “community”, etc.) are still going to vote for her, even though they’re seeing with their own eyes that she’s falling apart both mentally and physically. As long as the media keeps telling them that she’s fine (which they apparently intend to do until she drops dead on live television), they still want to see her in the White House, ruling the most powerful nation on Earth. Pretty fucking scary.

    Wake up America! Yeah, I know…that slogan falls upon a lot of deaf ears, but maybe there’s still enough of us left to try to change things. DONT listen to the fucking propaganda! Shit like the NY Times saying that Hill’s chances of winning are 83%…that is total bullshit. It’s intended to make Trump supporters stay home on election day…why bother voting for a losing candidate? That’s what THEY want…all you normal folks should just resign yourselves to the fact that Hillary will be the next president and get used to it. I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy. If this cunt DOES win, there is going to be a rip-current in this country like we’ve never seen before. These people will try to take our guns away, and shove their liberal agenda bullshit like “transgendered restrooms” down our throats…our founding fathers must be rolling in their fucking graves, never in their wildest dreams did they imagine what this nation would one day become. You think that America is divided now? I can see that 50 million-strong “basket of deplorables” (I guess I’m one of them) becoming very bitter and anti-government, and while it will never turn into a civil war, the division in this country is going to grow so strong that we will never truly be the “United” States of America again. In closing, all I can say is get off your ass in November and vote for Trump…he may not be the messiah, but he’s probably our best chance of making things right again. The best chance, and perhaps the last…

    See ya on the website,

    Captain Caleb Eldridge
    Benevolent Dictator,
    Caleb’s Island

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  5. Shela says:

    How does the CIA work? How do they make a arrest? I googled but never found the answer.
    Hillary will not go to jail. She would sing like a bird and then Humpty Dumpty house would fall and crumble. Only if the Lord intervenes will that happen. I agree with you Hillary will die and go to foreign country to live. The toppled Middle East Countries would be good. Or maybe China. As you pointed out she has the clothes already. Quilted oven mitts pantsuits. We will know in a few days..
    Does anyone watch the Over Sight Committee Hearings today? If so would you post a brief post on anything that effected Hillary? Did Hillary show up?

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  6. Shela says:

    In the video of Hillary falling into Van it kinda looks like to me that the man that circles around and puts his arm into the crook of Hillary’s arm had something handed to him from the lady behind Hillary that is or kinda looks like, might be Huma. Is it just my iPhone screen.


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