Hillary Is A Basket Case!


Hillary is not going to cough her way out of this reaction…..she is really messed up.  Stumbling face forward  into the Scooby Van…. no denying – on film!

Her curses are coming back on her own self.



5 thoughts on “Hillary Is A Basket Case!

    1. Robert Pilchman says:

      Folks — It seems that some of the msm may be acknowledging the incident … BEWARE – If the Democrat Party would nominate someone else (who would not be such a known horrific entity) then Trump would probably have a much harder time to win. I still be believe that Michele Obama or Joe Biden or whoever may be nominated … If that happened, what about nominating Ivanka Trump?


    2. Notice her right arm behind her back appears to be frozen into position like she can’t swing it forward. The man takes it from behind and swings it around to hold on. The woman has almost no body control at all.


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