Hillary Found The Fountain of Youth and The Key To Dropping 30 Pounds In 30 Minutes!

What is up with the new look in 30 minutes?



Campaign 2016 Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton walks from her daughter’s apartment building Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in New York. Clinton unexpectedly left Sunday’s 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York after feeling “overheated,” according to her campaign. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) ORG XMIT: NYCR113

The key words are “ACCORDING TO HER CAMPAIGN”.

Oh look how happy she is now….


Must be due to losing 30 pounds and ten years.  At the Memorial she wasn’t quite the same.



So which one is the real deal?  Or is there a potion involved?  If she misses a dose does she revert back to her real persona?  Does the potion make her look younger, slimmer and energized?


So are the Memorial Photos the real Hill or are the 30 minutes after being at Chelsea’s the real Hill?





You decide.  I know I already have. Smile.




60 thoughts on “Hillary Found The Fountain of Youth and The Key To Dropping 30 Pounds In 30 Minutes!

    1. Gregory says:

      American people are Fed-Up with Clinton corruption and scandals I’m sick of Hillary Clinton I curse the old lady! Nobody shows up to see Hillary Clinton why would anyone impersonate that old hag

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      1. Shela says:

        It will buy you a double
        Riot outside a campaign rally
        Buys people to cover up your scandals
        You might could even buy off the head of the FBI
        Money & power can get you elected president even if you had no votes!

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    1. Gregory says:

      Yes and we all know Hillary Clinton is power-hungry ha, ha, ha the devil never changes his ways and neither do fascists like Hillary Clinton… America’s new fascists are like the old fascists

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  1. Robert Pilchman says:


    ( http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=37118 , http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=37132 )

    BTW: (1) I see a listing for “BARDACK LISA” at http://www.nysed.gov/coms/op001/opsc2a?profcd=60&plicno=187980&namechk=BAR – also at http://www.nydoctorprofile.com/ (2) In https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkinson%27s_disease it states ‘Death from aspiration pneumonia is twice as common in individuals with PD as in the healthy population.[101]’



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    1. Someone took note that Hillary’s index finger is longer than her ring finger. The person who came out of Chelsea’s building has a shorter index finger and longer ring finger. Busted!! Among other things – but that is the kicker here!


      1. If she was suffering from heat intolerance wouldn’t she change into something a bit cooler when she came back out? Really…a shirt up around her neck and a long sleeved jacket? At least put on a short sleeved classy polo….

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  2. Francine R says:

    did some enlarging of her photos, or what appear to be H Clinton photos – either she found the fountain of youth and got younger, or there is definitely a double stand in for her.

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  3. Francine R says:

    Easy to see – most definitely 2 different people. No facial age lines in the one, including the tell tale neck wrinkles missing, smooth skin, no wrinkles around the mouth when smiling, no smile eye lines, no puffy cheeks, no puffiness around the eyes, no age lines at the eyes, totally different.

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    1. I agree. I have seen her smooth & lineless one day with no jowls and fully lifted eyelids & brows and wondered what she is doing. The next day back to being saggy & lined. Unless she is taped to the smithereens, there is no temporary cosmetic procedure that is that good.

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  4. Sally says:

    IMHO – I think she should get a new doctor. Our 42 yr old son has asthma & allergies & I don’t remember him EVER getting coughing spells like she does from that, although they say they can get coughs – but NOT the coughing fits she has – I watched her latest one & there is something about it that tells me it’s not from allergies. I believe it was on Friday they announced she was taking 5 days off AGAIN but today they said she has plans to do ANOTHER fundraiser in CA but it was on hold because now she has pneumonia, but she can’t miss that because she needs the money – right?

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    1. J. Grace says:

      Please, all of you google Hillary and her advanced Parkinson’s disease! She has now has Aspiration Pneumonia, a symptom of Parkinson’s that is not contagious. She may also be wearing a colostomy bag, due to surgery. There are several informative videos by doctors that know Parkinson’s and she has all of the symptoms. She is in ill health and is not in good health to become our president. Spread the word as the MSM won’t!

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  5. look at all of the pictures, all of them. even the ones of her on the street. she is the ONLY one, the ONLY PERSON wearing sunglasses. hundreds of people, and she is the only one wearing sunglasses. I find that to be extremely suspicious.

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  6. it’s not her. where is huma? they left together. where is her black handler, the one with the syringe? he’s not there. and there is a picture where you can see through the lenses and it is not her eyes. this person is thinner, has less wrinkles, but more importantly does not have her typical handlers with her. it’s not her.

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  7. higherpath says:

    She’s got a mouthful of mercury fillings too … that will give you dementia and brain cancer in due course. With all her millions, you’d think she would have taken them out. I’d like to see an open-mouth shot of her clone(s) to see if they has the same fillings.

    This article proved a clone was seen in 2013 … there’s probably more now.


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  8. I am very suspicious that something is really wrong with Hilliary, not just mentally which is obvious, but also health wise. I would think if she had pneumonia she would be so ill that she would not even of been able to appear at all today. And hydrate yourself with a lot of water. Why did she wear that hot suit out if it was hot there today? I think the problem is she has lied so much and the campaign lies so much, that the public does not know what to believe now, which is really sad.

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  9. How about Trump’s double, have they found him yet….fat like pig….orange like a weed head, weird thin lips with pinched tip nose….jungle unruly brows….then his fish-shaped mouth….and his HAIR OH MY GOD…WHERE CAN THEY FIND AN APE OR GORILLA THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT…and TRUMP IS DISGUSTING FAT MAN…. you better than Hillary has a double already….better for national security…FOR TRUMP, YOU WILL NEED TO GO INTO THE JUNGLES OF BORNEO…AND EVEN AMAZON…..FCKK


    1. Shela says:

      I believe Trump might have doubles. BTW
      Before I start I’m a 100% Donald Trump 2016 but I no longer have my head in the sand I’m Awake!
      Trump has children that help him make all these Campaign appearance so he probably don’t use a double as much as Sick Hillary. Think about all that campaigning could one person make all those speeches? The Trump that is a little over weight is the , “say what I think. No filter. Trump. ” The presidential Donald Trump kinda brothers me. He reminds me with his built of Jo Biden. Nice trim healthy man.
      I know now that the double thing has broken everyone is going back looking at the Trump pictures as well as the Hillary picture. I have been looking at the Trump pictures since they brought out the presidential Trump. Fool me once shame on me…
      Yaw know the rest. I don’t necessarily disapprove of doubles but why have them. Just get your family & team together and go out and campaign.
      What I disapprove of is the trying to trick, fool the American people. We are not slave drivers of our politicians. Campagin the best you can and the best man wins. How hard is that? We understand your not superman!


      1. Gregory says:

        Hillary ROTTEN Clinton low-energy? She has no energy she takes off and hides more than she campaigns you think Obama’s bad she makes him look like the energizer bunny! Something serious wrong with this woman she’s sick with brain damage


  10. David says:

    Notice the Hilary 90 minutes later is wearing sunglasses but nobody in the crowd is. Why does she need them but nobody else needs them? Could it be to hide her face/eyes? Makes you go, hmmm, doesn’t it?

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  11. Natalie says:

    Why would you visit your grandchildren if you had pneumonia…..or shake the hand of that little girl?…Not very smart…and oh yea I would like that potion to lose 30 pounds in 30 minutes…LOL


  12. Linda says:

    The whole thing was staged to get the conversation away from her snarky Trump supporters remark. She always pretends to be so sweet but that was the real Hillary. And yet my Democratic family and friends always blindly defend her.

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  13. If Hillary is having constant bouts of dehydration then it suggests to me that one of the many underlying problems she might have is alcoholism. Alcohol consumption in heavy amounts the night before causes serious dehydration the next day. Ask any athlete who partied hard one night what it was like trying to play the next day? Dehydrated, enormous headache, no strength, lethargic, shaky, feeling faint, etc… Need I say more?

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  14. This was not Hilary.There was a big article exposing this woman.She was a former ad executive who quit her job to become a Hillary impersonator,Theresa Barnwell. She;’s been making thousands doing it.for 20 years now. The real Hilary went in and the fake Hillary came out.There is a pixtireofher with a Donald Trump impersonator too. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3684267/Hillary-Clinton-lookalike-Teresa-Barnwell-quit-job-impersonate-presidential-candidate-time.html#ixzz4K62WPkpW


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