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Every time I dare to turn on cable news – even Fox – someone is ripping another idiotic sound blast against the Donald.  Now…if there were any grain of truth in what they were saying that would be one thing…but they are completely off the wall with fabrication after fabrication!

Listening to lie after lie after lie does one thing for me….it makes me more determined then ever to make sure that truth prevails and Donald John Trump be our next president!  News casters really aren’t on this planet anymore.  It is as though none of them have seen what is taking place in real time, nor do they have any idea of what has or is happening in 2016.

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They are a pitiful lot of unethical pawns who sold their souls to become organ grinders for globalists in the street.  They smile and grind away as long as they hear the coin drop in their cup!  So keep on grinding for the clock is ticking and America is tired of hearing all the lousy out of tune screeching!  People are awake and getting their news first hand by watching and listening to what is really taking place.

Trust me, after attending a live Trump event people never need an interpretation- they do however have a strong urge to need a Trump hat or yard sign!

Dianne  .


4 thoughts on “TRUMP SAID…BLA BLA BLA…

  1. FOX is circling the drain. They are top heavy with left leaning so-called journalists who want to take the spot light. All I hear from FOX idiot talking heads is the same mantra repetitions heard on all liberal Trump despising media. After hearing the FOX Morons on Sunday fillet Trump, I can no longer watch this failing cable network. I’ll highlight one very unapologetic FOX leftist, Chris Wallace. Everything about his delivery and tone, drips hatred towards trump. Unfortunately, the piece of trash no-it-all Wallace will be the last debate moderator in the run for the White House. I wonder how many “gotcha questions” he’ll have for Trump compared to the light weight questions for Hillary. He may even pull a “Candy Croley” and have in hand and under the table, contradictory answers to some questions he asks Trump.

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  2. Shela says:

    You are correct. Bla, Bla, this is a live soap opera. For real! The drama today comes as no surprise. The camera is showing up front and close to where the speaker will speak. We see some people and we see the sign in front of speaker. The sign says TOGETHER. This is giving the viewer the illusion that Hillary Clinton is about to speak.
    The commentator are speculating….
    What happened to the word STRONG?
    Is Hillàry stepping down from the presidential race? I begin to see through out today many news articles as news teams jump on the bandwagon. Extra, Extra read all about it. Is Hillàry Clinton Stepping down Due To Health Issues? Her sign said TOGETHER the word STRONG has been removed.
    Who said Hillàry Clinton is sick? Not her Doctors Just Armchair Doctors. Yes, we see photos of her being held up so she want fall, she doesn’t give Press Conferences, she is pretty much out of the public eye. That doesn’t mean she’s sick. This could be a total set-up. Keeping our attention distracted while more evil is done?
    Could the photos of her being held up be photoshop putting the idea in people ( media, news articles) minds she is probably sick.
    Or maybe all that coughing was a fake? And she’s really undercover b/c she doesn’t want question ask to her.
    So now News Articles are writing about STRONG being missing from TOGETHER.
    Could it be the social media, news articles, every news show, some politicians are all in this HOAX to fool the American people again. Why all the drama? We have come from refugees, the silly Magyn Kelly fuss fight, with tons of drama In between to this…… WHY? Are they entertaining us with this live soap opera?
    Folks, don’t believe nothing you hear from these sources. Oh yeah, when Hillary is in public which is rarely Her secret service AKA Doctors have shots that have been seen in there hands as they walk along side her. Now the stupid part is they told the name of the medicine that was printed on this half hidden needle. Good eyes huh?
    And maybe the barking dog act she performed, the crazy head shaking was all planned. Then maybe not. We will all soon know. One thing is for sure this is one heck of a Election Soap Opera…..
    You know the cast???

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  3. Robert Pilchman says:

    “Giuliani sets record straight about “Wall Discussion” between Trump and President Pena Nieto” —

    Does Hillary have Parkinson’s Disease?

    “Jane M. Orient, M.D., shares important details missing from Clinton medical docs” —

    “Hillary Clinton began a Labor Day rally in Cleveland with a bad cough — which she blamed on her opponent, Donald Trump.” —

    “Trump campaign targets 300,000 U.S. voters in Israel” —
    (Note: Please see my comments at showing that Trump is much more supportive of our ally Israel than Hillary)


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  4. Cindi says:

    Good for you Dianne for calling out All the news media Including Fox News as anti Trump!! They are the Biggest liars who claim to be fair and balanced! Fox News=fake news!

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