COUGH Hillary-Clinton-Cleveland-cough

Once again Hillary hit the campaign trail to a small crowd, this time in Cleveland.  She coughed and coughed and coughed while squeaking out exasperated gutturals in between. Her health issues are certainly a telling sign as to why one of the debates has turned into a remote televised question and answer thingy.  But they have to somehow get Hillary through the process until it’s time to rig the voting machines.

Next they will ask for a debate in sign language with no mic. Or maybe Lauer will have her write her answers in magic marker on card board and hold it up to the camera? Or maybe she will just have Huma text her answers and show us that on a video feed?

ballloons --images

Oh heck why don’t they just do a balloon starring contest with Trump to see who can have the widest eyes and biggest mouth opened the longest? She will win that hands down.

Do we really need a forum that is nothing more than a guest appearance for cable news?  NO!  Cancel the entire joke.  If she can’t show up and stand for an hour – America sure doesn’t want to sit and watch her face on a split screen.  They must really need advertising dollars!




  1. Robert Pilchman says:


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  2. LA Turnbow says:

    You left out the first part of her speech where she was constantly coughing and choking so bad! THIS is After she had almost totally finished coughing! See the first part. Horrible!!!

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  3. Shela says:

    Hillary said in this video during the coughing, “as soon as I get over this allergic reaction.”
    What is she having a allergic reaction from? I take back my comment about Hillary’s cough might be fake. She is not benefiting at all from every third word a coughing fit. Only other conclusion is she is sick.
    The Democratics in charge don’t want her as president, they just want her elected. They know she can’t do the job. After watching her cough since her first speech we all now know it. Was it just me or was her coughing much worse since her first speech?
    It is obvious she is not able to perform the duties. She looks tired. We know she was trying her best to look energetic and a picture of health. No one will denie she failed miserably. Time to retire Hillary. Time to rest, maybe read a little, have a afternoon nap. Go ahead live out your days in quite luxury on stolen money.

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  4. Hillary has a complicated illness. Her body is riddled with multiple things, to numerous to guess. Side affects from meds as well. She is a mess and unfit to be president. No clean bill of health here. Her cough is ongoing and not just allergies. Serious – it can be either heart, lung, both, or just plain ole- TB from one of the refugees she has allowed in or talked to over seas. She needs help up steps which show either extreme arthritis or other joint problems and couple that with fatigue. The only thing that keeps her going is her anger issues and hate. There you go. It is what it is.


  5. Shela says:

    I agree. My mother often can’t get enough oxygen and her voice is raspy, weak and she coughs. She is in stage 4 of kidney failure. Her body fills up with fluid. As you say she could have more than one health issue.
    Don’t be fooled. What you sow you shall reap. All the evil wicked underhanded things Hillary has done to America, the American people so many other countries and their people she has much to reap.
    God will not be mocked. He alone puts up Kings and He takes them down. Least the Democratics or maybe some Republicans say in their pride we will rule the world. Listen up. The world belonged to God! He rules!

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  6. Hillary is full of body fluids too. Swollen half the time. All the time. She is a mess. She has outdated medical treatment as thought that was on purpose???? Not my words, worlds of others. But, then again you know media lies. Yet….looking at her she is a bag of warmed over something….something I can not quite describe. It ain’t good.


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