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Mexico saw the writing on the wall that Trump is the next president!  President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico already knew the pay to play drill with Hillary and they were nervous as to what a Trump presidency meant;  especially since Trump was not a pay to play Clinton Foundation, nor a  NAFTA NWO thug! Trump loves his nation! He’s not selling it to the highest bidder!  Mexico knows that!

There it is folks.  The reason why President Pena Nieto invited both candidates to come to Mexico to discuss things.  Obviously with Hillary it is still ‘Pay to Play’ and with Trump it is what is best for America first!  They also know Hillary is one foot in and one foot out of prison!




  1. Matamoros says:

    For Hillary to have gone to Mexico would have exposed all her health problems to the world. She desperately needs to keep from doing that to have any chance at all.

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  2. Pena knows who he next POTUS is and they are already doing business. When Netanyahu meets with Trump it will be the unofficial swearing in. If Mexico paid for play with the Clinton foundation they should sue and make the Clinton Foundation pay for the wall . Even Saudi Arabia and George Soros could rightly feel a little jilted when they find themselves with unlimited access to the loser .

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  3. People Really Need To Wake Up, Our Country Is Is Dire Straights Right Now, And Trump Is The Only One To Get This Country Back, Hillary Is Nothing But TOAST People. We Can Not Have Her As President. Shes A Liar, Cheat, Dishonest And A Killer. She Supports ISIS And Terrorist Through Her Clinton Foundation, Her Foundation Has Never Helped Any Or All Americans, What Has She Ever Done For Our Country That Has Been Taking Billions Of Dollars ? SHES NOT HELPED ONE CITY IN THIS COUNTRY OR STATE> SHES A FAKE PERSON, SHES NEVER HELPED THE POOR HERE. SHE WANTS TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY INTO A MUSLIM WORLD. SHES FOR MUSLIMS< WE AS AMERICANS CAN NOT ALLOW HER TO WIN, Please GET OUT AND VOTE TRUMP. HILLARY HAS SO MANY CRIMES, MORE SO THAN WHAT NIXON HAD, AND THEY IMPEACHED HIM. BUT YET WILL WON'T EVEN IMPEACH HER OR PUT HER IN PRISON. GO FIGURE.


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