It is getting down and dirty in liberal news land.  Liars abound and truth is only in listening to Trump and his surrogates.   Hillary is sick, dying or just plain worn out…one of those three?  As for Trump he is for America and all Americans.  Hillary just wants to abolish the second amendment, push new world disorder and make sure her doc is by her side as she pushes her quilted Chinese suits forward!

cher 08-21-16-tw-01

Lies are going to be blasting everywhere – so brace yourselves.  There is even a new flick out that has been enhanced by Ron Howard’s new “Motion Capture Software” that can swap out real footage for “Avatar” type liar footage.  Most common people do not understand how this works.  It is state of the art software that can make a model of someone and make them say and do anything on camera – ultra photo shopping for films!  Like “Avatar”, and “The Life of Pi”.  Well now they have put it to use to do a false, “Art of the Deal” movie about Trump and his so-called life staring Johnny Depp.

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Ignore it….it is propaganda at its’ finest. All designed to create a fraud version of the real Trump and his legacy.  Where as Dinesh painted truth in his film on Hillary…this one is nothing more than Austin Powers on steroids full of propaganda!


The real Trump is out there taking care of business drawing mega crowds and telling it like it is.  We fiddle while Rome burns and laugh at Howards movie or we get serious and vote for America by voting for Trump!

RALLY trump-crowd-dallas-texas

Meanwhile….stay the course and even if they tell you Trump is the bastard from Hell – stay the course for it is all lies!

God bless and stay strong…meanwhile – why isn’t Hillary indicted yet?  Why hasn’t Obama been indicted yet?  Ask those questions to everyone!




  1. Carmine says:

    Florida can not be bought! Hillary received $20k this year from the KKK, she lied to the American people, she lied to FBI and DOJ. She accepted pay to play donations to a bogus foundation called the Clinton Foundation which is now being indicted she deleted top secret emails which were on a personal server which was illegal to have work email on, 5 of the people who could put her away with what they knew about her are dead. She approved and cofoubded ISIS. The list goes on and on. She belongs in Jail. She can not be trusted and she needs to be stopped. Even the news media is corrupt. Its cover up after cover up. Time to stop her!

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  2. Barbara Driver says:

    We the people of America we want our country back! I will not fly the flag of the United States if Hillary becomes President but, will fly the Christian Flag!

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  3. Scott T Keller says:

    What little respect I had for Ron Howard was lost years ago. This simply adds nails to his coffin in my opinion. Depp is quickly getting buried in there too. A shame, too, because I actually like Depp’s movies.

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  4. Shela says:

    Think back to the begining when Trump first announced he was running for president…
    The establishment called him a clown. Now 3 months away from voting November 2016 look at all that Trump has uncovered. Lies, deceit, betrayal of our Military, our Police Officers, Elected Officials on the side of G.O.O.D, betrayal of other countries that were on our side. Most of all betrayal of the American People. They might even uncover who murder some of the supisious deaths before Nov….
    There is no one you can believe who broadcasts the News. All liers. Even Alex Jones along with most of the Internet news has been bought off…
    Who has on the tin foil hat now? Who is wearing the huge red clown nose. There babbling trying to cover lies with new lies…..
    Well 3 months counting. Not even 3 months really. B/c voting is first week of Nov.
    It’s gonna get really ugly now. My hope is that Trump plans to uncover a B.I.G scandal for his grand finale! Personally I’d like to see the Clinton Foundation dirty dealings, money laundering, amounts of money donated from our enemies and for what bribes blown wide open.

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