How far did Pharaoh go before he got what he deserved?  He went a long ways and played a liar game.  Then after his entire land was demolished and disgraced he still turned a blind eye to the facts. Then the destroyer came and sent a plague throughout the land and Pharaoh suffered a loss.  It was then he gave in and let God’s people go.

Today…there is no time to allow Pharaoh the luxury of playing his game of thrones…it is time to oust him for the people cry out for all who do evil to be held accountable.  Now, that is a novelty…one that Pharaoh of Egypt didn’t have to deal with but one that all the evil powers of this day are about to get slapped with upside their heads!

The anger is raging and God knows the people have restrained from doing what they desire to do because they are obedient to God.  The ones making chaos in the streets are not of God they are of the devil and delight in discord, death, destruction, and  lies! Innocent blood is on their hands.  It shall not wash off for they have no remorse, no shame and no repentance.

God is not mocked.  He is coming forth with a lashing that will not be withstood by any of those with evil continuously in their ways.

Meanwhile, there is one man and one man only who has come out from a life of blessings and great gifts to stand up against the evils that seek to devour the innocent and the meek.  That man is Donald J. Trump.  I know God has sent him for no man nor woman of their own mind would dare to come forth and speak such bold truth exposing the lies, deceit and corruption against such world tyranny unless they were inspired to do so.  No one.  Trump has.  Why?  Because he was called, chosen and answered the call. He said, “Here I am Lord…use me”.

The devil hates it, but too bad for God smiles and gives Trump and all his followers great  strength. Can I hear an Amen?




  1. Ideas Time says:

    Who are you Voting for?

    Donald Trump (70%, 85,049 Votes)

    Jill Stein (12%, 14,396 Votes)

    Gary Johnson (11%, 13,414 Votes)

    Hillary Clinton (7%, 8,259 Votes)

    Darrell Castle (0%, 561 Votes)

    Total Voters: 121,679

    ABC online poll.

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  2. Robert Pilchman says:

    May G-d please bless and protect our hero and hope Donald Trump.

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  3. I like the parallel to the Pharaoh and it lead me to considering Trump in a Moses like role that’s thought intriguing . We have been in a long period of spiritual decline like Egypt had . The Trump resistance is irrationally stubborn in going to any length like Egypt ended up losing it’s entire army and fleet of war chariots chasing Moses and his people even after he had let them go . Egypt never recovered which might be a good harbinger since the neverTrumpers are the worst elements of both political parties representing the entrenched uniparty , the globalists both in America and abroad.

    We are virtual slaves of this global cabal that has their heart set on even more punishing trade deals and give aways of our taxes , land , sovereignty , mineral rights and the blood of our soldiers . I am hearing that George Soro’s has been pushing NATO for war in the Ukraine even as Trump is calling for the re-prioritizing of NATO .Sadly I think NATO will escalate on this front and Obama would sign on if Trump wins as a measure to obligate America under wartime terms of the alliance . They must be looking at DNC , RNC and Obama promises that Trump would not be the next POTUS with a more subdued laughter now that private polls much bigger and more balanced sampling than the media driver polls now showing Trump 50% , Hillary 19.

    . I think it will take a plague of frogs at least to overcome the election rigging we are going to see , but I don’t think the Lord raised up Trump to have him defeated by a few bogus magic tricks . I remember how Moses’s serpent ate all the snakes the magicians of the Pharaoh conjured up . Trump is following Hillary around and filling up arena’s in the same places she can’t fill a gymnasium . The social media stats indicate landslide . There will be private exit polling from these groups that are able to poll a thousand people in all 50 states . If they try to steal this election with rigged voting machines we would be back to paper ballots for the next 100 years . Pretty amazing how we got here to a voting system with no checks, no paper trails only ” polls” with ” 10 or 15%” discrepancy to results to even set off alarm bells according to Obama . I was surprised he put that bit of substance in as if having a twinge of guilt about his empty filibuster when asked about this concern . Here is the video of that let me know they had the polling in the bag .

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    1. Great post. I was thinking about Trump and Moses myself. Sometimes I get worried about what Barry will put us through before Trump gets in. Then the Lord reminds me that when He delivered Israel accross dry land through the Red Sea, they all made it to the other side, and the soles of their shoes were still dry! That is who He is, and He is able.


  4. Jean says:

    Great post!!! That song by The American Marines was so very touching!!! We really need to vote Mr. Trump because, if we don’t turn to our Deliverer, YAHUSHA, then we will end up like the Isralites in Isiah 3 :12, Women and children will rule over us!!! Read the whole chapter, it is just like reading the daily newspaper! HE is coming to Deliver His people soon!! Repent for The Kingdom of YAHUAH is at hand!!

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  5. Robert Pilchman says:

    “Hillary Clinton apparently suffers from Parkinson’s or a similar disease and experiences seizures from flashing lights, such as camera flashes at press conferences, the Secret Service told Infowars.” —

    “Volunteer to be a Trump Election Observer” –

    “Donald Trump Is Asking You To Help Him Fight A Rigged Election” –


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