Liar hill

The propaganda news and how it works is so obvious. They lure you in by acting like they are with you then they begin their IV drip of propaganda. Little by little they give you dribbles of truth along with buckets of lies.  Example:  Trump held a rally in Jacksonville, Fl – (This part is true…the actual dribble).  Next they begin pouring their bucket of lies over your head – At the rally Trump said – “lie, lie, lie, bigger lie.”  Next there is a bit left in the bucket so they add more lies like “Hillary Clinton has a ten point lead over Trump.”

In election years past, that used to work… but not anymore. Heck no!  The hard working American people are fed up with false flags, faux media, the establishment and government lies. 

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Anyone who watched the RNC on cable TV and anyone who attended will tell you that what the news said and what took place were two different things. Most didn’t hear half the speeches to know for sure….because the announcers didn’t show all of it.  They were too busy telling you their lies and liar opinions about what they thought of what was taking place.  That is why I watch all these type of events  from C-Span to avoid the liar news rhetoric.  When you watch on C-Span you get to see the entire event without commercials and liar talking heads.


 The truth is  Americans have followed Trump at every event, either being there live or watching a You Tube video of it. They are aware through social media of every major news turn and every tweet. We know what Trump said before the propaganda media can lie about what he said. Therefore , with every lie they tell, the distaste for the media grows more bitter in our mouths. The liars whether they are Hillary puppets or never Trump chumps,  they grow nastier in our eyes with each lie they tell.

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The same with Hillary and her con artists who want our guns, fossil fuels, homes, children’s minds, and as Hillary has stated – send the adults to re-education camps.  Yes, Hillary has said that numerous times. The left is totally out of control and is now coming right out telling us their nasty plans…it appears as though they know they are losing and want to scare us to death with their truth about destroying us.  Almost as though if they can’t win they will just blow us all up.  Yes…that is possible and not so far fetched.  Have you seen these people when they are angry?

  So….keep it up liars- it is the best Trump voter tool ever imagined!




  1. Gregory says:

    False information at every level nothing but lefty fascist propaganda of Crooked Hillary Clinton & Obama this isn’t America anymore. It’s a third world Islamic Muslim hell hole full of nothing but chaos and turmoil a different scandal every day dishonesty, corruption corruption corruption! We live in Sodom and Gomorrah and God’s Wrath is coming to America, hell itself is coming

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  2. Cindi says:

    Watched the Convention on C-Span also! It was so great with no commercials and no negative media with all their lying and biased pundits! Shame the media has stooped to such levels..continuous lies and contempt for the good people of this country. Think no news is probably good news right about now.


  3. Robert Pilchman says:

    “David Duke Endorsing Trump Got Six Times More Coverage than Terrorist’s Father Endorsing Hillary” –


    Note: Near the end of the interview with Bolling (approximately 9:55 of ), Trump seems to dodge (part of) a question regarding Hillary releasing her medical records. Furthermore, Bolling presses (approximately 10:54 of ) and Trump responds “No I don’t want to get into that. I think that would be inappropriate for me to comment”.


    Note: At approximately 28:30 (of ) Trump said ‘For instance, we have a close race in Virginia’ and at approximately 30:17 (of ) Trump said ‘I am having a tremendous problem in Utah … We are having a problem … It could cost us the Supreme Court. We are going to have 4 or 5 justices put on. We are having a problem … I’ve been given a false narrative. ‘

    “Border Patrol Agents Rebuke Ted Cruz Over ‘Political Stunt’ on Border” –

    ““Real hourly compensation decreased 0.4 percent after revision, rather than the previously-published increase of 4.2 percent,” the BLS admitted.” —

    “Giuliani: Hillary And The Clinton Foundation Make An ‘Excellent’ Racketeering Case” —

    “Hannity 8/11/16” –


  4. Went to dinner at a very nice restaurant with a cousin that I’d like to divorce…she brought up politics, announced, “well, you’re a Trump supporter…” (watch it girl, I’m picking up the tab….) and as she became completely unhinged, her face changed from pleasant to viciously angry and she declared, “he’s dangerous! (now way too loud for public) He’s completely unstable!” wow. I had to excuse myself…..while laughing all the way to the ladies room. I know she doesn’t watch the news……but she does watch the “View.” So, folks, that’s what we’re dealing with.


    1. Pat says:

      Forgot two, the dishwasher, Sean Hannity, who first tried to coach trump through his many foibles, and Steve Bannon who saw an opportunity, and took it, and wound up in the catbird seat.


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