Hillary Is Either Sick, Possessed, or Mind Controlled! Media Is Silent.

seisure 12 pierced lips Hillary-Clinton-Stroke.22-AMHillary is beyond her usual ‘hard to watch’ self. She is acting bizarre at events and needs assistance to get around day to day.  It is obvious she is not well and her medical records  need to be revealed if she is running for President.  Bill looks drugged up and in la la land…both look as though they have been mentally tampered with.  Just saying.

Twitter is buzzing with snapshots of Hillary needing serious assistance and most are talking about her having seizures. The signs of having an absence seizure are staring off into space, smacking the lips together, fluttering eyelids, stopping speech in the middle of a sentence, making sudden hand movements, leaning forward or backward, appearing suddenly motionless. Hillary has displayed all of these along with a few other concerns like falling and needing help to get up steps.

seisures hillary2

The photo of Hillary needing help up the steps while clinging tightly for support to the arms of two men has gone viral.

True concerns are being ignored by the Clinton owned press but online news and social media is not ignoring the fact that Clinton has something seriously wrong with her health.

It has been suspected that her handler and others have been carrying portable oxygen,  an ECG-DeFib, and possibly an EKG machine.  Her handler that most believe to be her medic has been spotted carrying what others have thought to be seizure medication in the form of an  Auto Pen Diazepam injector.

clinton seisure copy

Suspicions are rising due to the fact that the bizarre behavior isn’t an isolated incident.  It keeps happening a lot.  See videos below.






5 thoughts on “Hillary Is Either Sick, Possessed, or Mind Controlled! Media Is Silent.

  1. There are many obvious reasons for not wanting Hillary to be the Captain of our helm, but the seizure issue is becoming extremely important and I can tell you why she is NOT what we need at the helm of this great ship!

    I am epileptic and have been having seizures since I was 33 (now 67) and am highly medicated. I was working until 2009 until one day in early January I stepped outside our building to have a cigarette … and for some reason I was immediately sitting on a curb in another spot (to me). It had been a stressful week and the work was done, it was time to take a break.

    It wasn’t until about an hour later (when all of my gears were actually reloaded), and though not feeling very well, intended to go on with the afternoon. I wanted to know what happened during that time, so I went downstairs to ask the receptionist (on the bottom floor near the entry to the office) … if she knew anything about what happened to me.

    Her explanation was that I had stepped outside the office and walked up a hill onto a six-lane highway and nearly got hit by a truck who managed to stop in time. She was the one who had dragged me back to the building and left me sitting on the curb to “regroup”. The young lady knew of my seizures. That was my last day working. I had determined that if I was becoming so dangerous, I had no need to be on the streets of my city or holding the value of my work in such a precarious position (paralegal).

    I was granted 100% disability by the State of Florida after 18 months of legal investigation into my case. Their answer was that it was not so much the seizures I was having (not that many but could bloom in any form) …. but what the medications that I must take to prevent more seizures do to me.

    If Hillary Clinton is having seizures, there is no time we want her to be unable to move, unable to recover or remember what happened during that time, and certainly no time that we want her in foreign countries with aggressive people who would make use of that disorder.

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have to be seizure free for one year in order to be able to drive with a valid driver’s license. Think about this America.

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  2. Cats4Trump says:

    Wow, Anita, enlightening comment! Those who have not thought of the ramifications of her problem need to be aware of just why this matters. Really, though, what deal did she make to assure she gets the presidency? At what point does her candidacy become more of a liability than it is worth to the Democrats? Who is behind the literal propping up of this candidate? How long can this be ignored? But it’s Trump who is crazy and unfit? This race is getting very interesting. Very.

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  3. Hillary, if president, would be a mere lackey figurehead of her masters; an elite class, moneyed interests and corporate USA. We, the People are mere serfs to those entities, It is time to make a stand and fight back against tyranny.

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