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Huckabee , among other pundits and commentators have said Trump needs to focus on the one he is running against – Hillary and not everyone who says something against him!  Hello Huckabee and others –  that is why the globalist monster got so big – no body went up against it! It’s not just Hillary he’s running against it is the entire New World Order machine! No one has ever known how to stand up against their evil forces, let alone try, until Donald John Trump.

I like the way Brenda  Lemaster  Mills put it.  She said, “Donald J. Trump is not just running against Hillary Clinton. He is also running against: 

President Obama; The Democratic Party; The Republican Party; Every major broadcast media outlet; All major and local newspapers; Every single Social Media Network (Including  internet blogs and stories), George Soros, The Koch Brothers; The Washington Establishment; Silicon Valley; Hollywood; Wall Street; Globalists; Rothschild Central Banks…And he’s winning.”


It is obvious that Trump is winning by a landslide and the oligarchs are working their puppets overtime to skew polls, ignore lawlessness and weave lies. The result is a sloppy trail of mayhem and lies that leave all the liars looking like demonic evil beings of lawlessness.   One at a time they are all being exposed for the liars and election fraud deceivers they are.  Corrupt media commentators have proven to be nothing more than propaganda mind control machines for the oligarchs.   Those who claim to be journalists are  no different.  It is now common knowledge that there are only a handful that can be trusted to report the truth.

The cabal behind the political fiasco they call an election are rapidly exposing themselves as a force of darkness against humanity who will stop at nothing to achieve their totalitarian  globalist goals.

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Be strong and know that Trump knows what he is doing and we must do our part to support him as he battles the Leviathan in the sea!



  1. Ashley Crawford says:

    Amen!!! I have been saying this for so long! We all know it and the fight is real! We have everything to lose if Trump doesn’t become the next POTUS! Praying and believing he will get there through mighty prayers and our Voices supporting Him!!!!


  2. Ideas Time says:

    Hillary has no real support. It is all a lie brought to you by the MSM and the Cabal who want to install HC. Most people get it and hate this traitor. Her job is to finish what the fake in the WH started and stay out of jail with all the rest of them.


  3. Robert Pilchman says:

    “Paul Ryan Opponent Paul Nehlen Speaks Out on Trump Endorsement – 8/6/16” –


  4. tj says:


    a handy & deadly little godless-globalist-destroyers tool – from their big old bag of dirty tricks:

    creeping sharia: the ISLAMIZATION of the west:

    Vaya con Dios


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