Larry Nichols, a former Clinton insider, speaks up about the gunman at Trump Tower and the facts that America must hear!  No one knows for sure if the target was Trump or a Trump family member.  The fact is – the media covered up the real story and replaced it with a phony news report. Please watch the video.

“We’re building an army of people to save America! This is the broadcast on August 5th, 2016. We’re on the Leading Edge Radio Network channel #1, AND Right here on our YT channel! . This is where to go to counter the Propaganda! Catch OUR program Live every Monday – Friday at 11AM P/ 1Pm Ct / 3PM E.”

ABC News gave a false report  (not surprised).  They did not report that the armed gunman was actually Barry Bush, a supposedly deceased FBI agent that was reported dead in April of 2007.  Instead they reported the gun man to be  Anthony Shark, a retired NYPD cop who worked at a Jewelry store across the street from Trump Towers. They stated he was legally carrying a gun for his security guard job.He said he was drunk and wandered into the Trump Towers and got confused when he tried to push pass the wall of secret service agents.  He had no intention of harming anyone.  A judge released him and allowed him to keep his gun for his job which he supposedly had a concealed carry permit for. The fake article stated that the Judge blamed Trump for almost ruining another person’s life.

The real fact is -the gunman was Barry Bush and he was taken into custody by the secret service and had an unstamped glock with a silencer and no serial number on it. That means the gun had to come from the manufacturer and he had to have help in getting it.

The story while rapidly disappearing from Google, can still be found on this site Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Towers

barry bush fbijpg-3629e63a7cfc4429

Barry Bush (photo above) was reported dead with a confusing and lengthy explanation in 2007 which can be read here.  Barry Bush FBI Killed  He did not die, and has been arrested. The media is silent on this story.





    1. Andrea says:

      we all know that the CIA is trying to spin this story and bury it.. I for one am not letting it get buried. His fingerprints were taken upon his arrest and it came back as the FBI agent Barry Bush, dead since 07. Just to be certain the NYPD took his prints again. So they can put whatever spin on it they want, but now we know the FBI for the United States is just another rouge agency within our corrupt government that acts on behalf of the Obama administration and carries out their “hit list” for the Clinton’s. The Clinton’s corruption and their body count rises every month. She is an extension of Obama. This story is not fake, in fact a source of mine within the NYPD confirmed the fingerprint results, and BOTH times it came back with the FBIs fake dead agent Barry Bush, so that trashes their spin on that story.

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  1. robin says:

    they covered it up because it failed. they only want it reported if it was succesful and the witch hunter is dead. by no means am i a clinton supporter i only emphasized what i beleive to be the clinton’s feelings of the man. how are people SO BLIND TO SEE the COMMUNISM that is happening in this country, the ties that these people have to other radicals and that their working on an agenda?

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  2. tj says:

    a warning?

    interesting timing too – on releasing President Reagan attempted murder hinkley (with bush ties – who should have been executed for his murderous intent attempt against our president) …

    skull & bones / spook HW – claimed – didn’t recall where he was – when the JFK conspiracy-murder occurred …

    most powerful scotus judge mysteriously ‘dies’ with no security present – no autopsy, no investigation, nada.

    our guy – likely forced by rnc – to take a globalist vp …

    can they control or remove anyone, president or otherwise who gets in their way – & without any price paid (in this short life) for the conspirators …

    best if one is very, very tight with GOD – to radically oppose – pure evil …

    Vaya con Dios


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  3. I pray for the safety of Trump and Pence family. I’ve just recently began to realize how corrupt the Dems are, reminds me of another scripture. “whereas once I was blind, now I can see.” Sometimes it seems like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

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  4. uesspo says:

    See, if the mainstream media doesn’t report it, it didn’t happen. They control your thoughts and you eat it up. Oh My Gosh!!!


  5. I started tweeting the day he announced he was running 4 office take care all of you wear vests He had 2 think me crazy 👀It up we now have an overtaken backyard Honduras is now ShariaLAW Germany France Belgum It’s moving fast they yell 4 women 4 every man & your daughters kill the men & young boys will breed it out all will be Muslims F’n non citizen Obama & hillary can’t get them in fast enough


  6. homerbuford says:

    Anthony Shark..Tony stark. iron man, come to mind?
    The assassins were all agents dead or reported dead.
    Hollywood Jews love to give things away.


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