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The only real difference between Trump and Bernie is climate change. All the other things are moot.  The other differences are like this…Bernie promised to fix it and give it to you free ….where Trump vowed to fix it and have you apply work ethic and the opportunity to achieve it.  That is exactly what the American dream was and is and will be.

I mean, even God feeds the sparrows but he doesn’t throw the food in the nests.  No one gets a free ride not even Bernie voters.  If any of them truly believe Bernie could give them all he promised…they need to also ask him first off….how he did it for himself in his own life?  He did not.   They need to ask why he lived at home without a job until he was 40 years old?  How rewarding was that?  He didn’t really care as long as he got by.  Or so it seems.


People  need to ask him why he went into politics for the USA when he was a socialist?  More yet, what did he say then to get elected? They need to ask this socialist how he is going to deliver all he promised when he depends on other people’s money?   How can he do any of the things he promised unless he had planned to steal it from other people?  Hello??  He was never going to be able to deliver unless he just stole it and believe me those who have the money would never be willing to be stolen from. Never.  You were all duped to following a pied piper into your own utopia that was never going to manifest.

2015 Hank's Yanks Golf Classic

I am sorry for the rude awakening among millennials but also glad.  I was sick of the lies from Bernie.  And more sick of hearing the entitlement hoorah. To succeed we need an economic platform that is open and not barred.  Worse was hearing corrupt Hillary.  The only one who spoke truth with common sense was Trump. Bernie was out to social welfare lunch.  He truly was folks.  Nothing he promised had any map laid out to be achieved.  Sorry if you were believing that shallow words held weight. They did not.

We need a thriving economy that manufactures and hires, in all areas from high tech to the wires that hard tech needs. From those who drill the holes to place tower posts to those who climb up them and hang the hardware that sends the signals.

hillary28-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-donald-trump_w750_h560_2x  It is a time to repair roads, bridges, and infrastructure as well as to allow the opening of new ice cream shops and beauty salons.  It is time to be a point where jobs can be entrepreneurial, small business  and or corporate created.

It is time to return to what made America great again.




  1. tj says:


    well said, Ms Marshall.

    the country has been able to help some of its people when we had a strong middle class. but as we’ve been gutted by anti-usa legislation (primarily republican sponsored & promoted by prez clinton) – allowing the greedy banksters to,run amock; to export OUR middle class jobs to 3rd world exploiters …& allowing millions of 3rd world immigrants, & putting them on the dole – who’s going to pay?

    the poor can’t, the rich won’t – & with no real middle class…

    godlessness is a destroyer – any way you slice it…

    oh well – GOD’s will be done.

    Vaya con Dios


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