Hillary’s glass ceiling is symbolic of Lucifer trapped on earth and the one who will release him into the heavens.  But, that will never happen for we the people are awake.  Hillary will never get to achieve her evil reign over God’s people.  She may salivate for it but it will never be granted for the people have awakened!

Hollywood has warned us of all the evil plotted against us. Those who had eyes to see saw it, many more were just entertained.  In the end evil will never triumph.  God will always send someone to expose the shards and break the dreams of evil.

Hillary’s glass ceiling is no more and no less than Nimrod’s attempt to build a one world order and go against God to rule over his people in oppression.  God came down and destroyed the tower of Babel and confused their languages for they all spoke of one tongue and conspired to do such evil because they were of one mind.

We the people are not willing to let her hunger games begin! She has no shame in rigging it, in stealing it and I have no honor in condoning it and will stand up against it.  Will you?



  1. I sure won’t vote for her . Babel is a lot like our time with the NWO and all. Wow that’s ancient but we still havn’t learned . I read once that Nimrod was such a great hunter because he had inherited the outfit God made for Adam out of animal skins so the animals he hunted didn’t sense he was a man . My source was a Rabbi writing in comments in an online Bible .

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  2. Cindi says:

    No matter what this woman does..no matter what she says or doesn’t say makes no difference. She will lose her presidential bid to Donald Trump. She’s an empty vessel. Nothing there. Nothing to believe in or to follow. No love or hope or promise to grab onto. Invisible with a voice of clanging cymbals. Shes the blind leading the blind..and too many of us see Truth now! Thank God!

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  3. Ideas Time says:

    Everyone who has a platform needs to start dealing with fraud.

    The Diebolt machines are there to steal the election. Period.

    Has anyone ever wondered why all tax increases always pass? It is called the for profit corporations which are all Dun and Bradstreet corps. Get it.

    We do not have govs anymore, we are ruled by for profit corps. Ever herd of Cestui Que Via Trusts?

    Why do people think they let foreign criminals go free? No Trust equals no profit. That is the real story.


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  4. Ideas Time says:

    The fraud in America is off the charts, until we eliminate it we are all slaves.

    The ir s is a Puerto Rico Trust formed in 1913 along with the fed but under a different name and then move to Puerto Rico to conceal the identity of the foreign owners.

    It is all a scam to steal your money and transfer it to the Crown, IMF, the UN and the foreign owned fed. Until people get this fraud, they will continue to keep us as slaves thru fraud.

    About 385 billion is given to the in a quad zero account and after a year they can spend the money any way they want.

    We are all slaves to a corrupt theft under the boot gun and fraud. Look it up!

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  5. Ideas Time says:


    See poll. Trump crushes Hillary

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