No Bounce For Hillary Except From 99 Red Balloons!

Hillary has left the DNC building and the only bounce she got was from the blue balloons.  The 99 red balloons floating in the summer DNC convention sky exposed her evil globalist plot!

balloons 29-dnc-balloons.w529.h352

You and I in a little toy shop (Bernie voters)
Buy a bag of balloons with the money we’ve got (Bernie campaign donations)
Set them free at the break of dawn (DNC convention)
Til one by one, they were gone (given over to Hillary by Bernie)
Back at base bugs in the software (WikiLeaks)
Flash the message, something’s out there (DNC fraud exposed)
Floating in the summer sky (we see it)
99 red balloons go by (war regime on America)

Hillary made history by being the only nominee who has never gotten a bounce from a convention unless you want to count the bounce to the curb!  But then again, no one ever so blatantly stole a primary seat either.



7 thoughts on “No Bounce For Hillary Except From 99 Red Balloons!

  1. Ideas Time says:

    Hillary stole the nomination fair and square and the democratic way! Bribes, theft, murder, threats, intimidation, vote rigging, slander and on and on. Yep fair and square blatant theft enabled by the MSM, fbi, AG, and the WH.

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  2. kari krewson evans says:

    DESERVING OF NO BOUNCE, INDEED—perhaps attributed to HILLARY’S AMERICA as being to top grossed documentary of 2016—bigger that A Beautiful World, or whatever that one was…..let the truth be told…………….and you know what? The “Va-jay-jays” will still vote for her just because.

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  3. ccharley51 says:

    After watching the latest new documentary by the documentary king, Dinesh D’Souza on “Hillary’s America”, I can understand why all this crap of hers went on, with the FBI’s final report on her email scandal, her failure during Benghazi & why 4 American heroes died at the hands of jihadist terrorists and why she didn’t do anything about it and then LIED about it; and why she’s pulled the ultimate of cheating and stealing a nomination away that she never actually earned or won. And then I understood why, speculating, but then with the list of the Clinton’s deaths of their past, I wouldn’t be speculating, but probably will come out to be right, why Justice Scalia died suddenly at a hunting trip, and rather suspiciously, and then no autopsy was done (in fact it was ordered NOT to be done by the DOJ, why the DOJ got into that one is another suspicion), and then the county examiner pronounced Scalia’s death as “natural causes”, over the PHONE not actually seeing the body, when the body was found with a PILLOW over his face! This documentary explains all about why the Democrat party became the Democrat party, since the days of our 7th President, Andrew Jackson, the REAL FATHER OF SLAVERY, began the slave trade market, and a ruthless slave owner! Why else would our current Pres. O proclaim the $20 bill be re-faced with a black woman’s photo on it, and Jackson’s photo would still be on the back of it? Go see Dinesh’s documentary, “Hillary’s America” to know why! The Democrats as so full of (it), because they are so embarrassed by their history they don’t want YOU to know about it -but Dinesh researches all about it and puts it all on a documentary that shows you an inescapable truth that the democrats don’t want to know, much less tell the real truth about it! Dinesh then goes forward into the “Hillary chronicles” – how she met and followed Saul Alinsky, wrote her college thesis on him, and still follows his “Rules for Radicals” to this day and that is why she says what she said at the convention — not a TRUTH to it at all – she didn’t outline a THING of what she’ll do in her first 100 days – it was all generalizations – Trump made a point by point, line by line, what he’ll do in his first 100 days…then he expanded on that at a VFW rally the Monday of the DNC convention giving a 10 pt. explanation of how he’ll “help the vets” beginning with their return from active service to allow them to be “at the head of the line for a job”, allowing a veteran with health needs to use a civilian doctor across the street or nearby a VA facility or a civilian hospital of their choice for immediate health care instead of waiting 5 – 7 days (it’s more than that – me and my husband wait 30 days for an appointment!), and more issues for veterans. He then said at the end, that he will REPEAL the LBJ (Johnson’s) Amendment allowing evangelicals to be a VOICE in their community and churches for FREEDOM OF SPEECH as they now are not allowed to talk or promote politics or a politician in a church or being an evangelical in fear of losing their tax exempt status! Did HILLARY ever say any of that?!!! NO!!!!! But she SLAMS Donald Trump for everything else, doesn’t she? That’s the way they operate…..make your opponent an “Evil DOER” while you go on about whatever makes you happy, even if it is “evil” itself! People of this nation are TOO DUMB to realize the REAL TRUTH behind what’s at stake here! It is a COUNTRY that is at stake! And Hillary is all about GLOBALISM, and Trump has stated that very fact! No one wants to really listen to TRUTH anymore, they don’t want to hear the real TRUTH – because they know what IS the truth in their hearts and conscious minds, they just don’t want to admit it. That is the sad part….people think they are OBLIGATED to their party, not to their COUNTRY! I made a commitment to my COUNTRY when I enlisted in the U.S. Army and completed 25 yrs service and now enjoy the retirement income from it – but I made that commitment, and did my job (I also worked and handled classified material so I know what having a TOP SECRET clearance is all about and know what handling classified documents is about – Hillary LIED about they way she handled it and she KNEW she was WRONG about it – but being a democrat, and a RULES FOR RADICALS follower, she used that Marxist ideology to LIE and then DENY it – that’s how it works!! Do something RADICALLY WRONG, LIE ABOUT IT, then DENY IT — Rules for Radicals for the Democrat Party is in FULL SWING!!! And we’d BETTER BE READING ALL ABOUT THAT before we VOTE!!

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  4. There were two candidates that told the facts that they believed. Those two were Bernie and Trump. Although I do not agree with Berny’s climate change and know you can’t have a give away Government which is socialism and as Thatcher said, “What is wrong with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money!”. Lord knows, until Trump announced his run…I was lost as where to turn for a candidate and would have been a Bernie supporter if Trump had not been running. He was the closest to the platform as he was against TTP. What is needed is a system where each can work, and entrepreneurialism is alive. A system where trade is fair, the opportunities are equal to all who take hold and are willing to do what it takes legally to make it work. A system where you help those who have been trying and not just those who haven’t tried. Fair taxation, fair college tuition and a strong nation that respects law and order and that puts it’s people first and fairly. Among other things- to numerous to mention but lumped up into a ball that says honest leadership on all sides of the isle. In God we trust. And I found that in Trump. Amen.

    Sadly both have been blasted by the Clinton globalist machine via the bought globalist media and the Clinton Foundation of thieves – i.e.sustainable development of the United Nations New World Order Agenda 21.


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