If voter fraud is a felony and WikiLeaks has just proven the elections were rigged, why on earth are we allowing Hillary to be the nominee for the DNC?  Why aren’t people being indicted?  Why isn’t this under investigation?

Most of all – why are we going to let the rigged machines tally votes again this November?


14 thoughts on “IF VOTER FRAUD IS A FELONY…

  1. justin says:

    There not investagateing it cues hillary has dirt on them all and hillary is the puppet master controlling who dues or says what in the guverment there all crooks the reson thay don’t speak up is there ass is on the same line as hers if she goes down thay will all go down with her that’s a fact jack . 1 she gives are money to raghead cuntrys thay then give large parts of it back to the. Linton foundation . Hmm laundries my money . 2 bengazi seal team 6 lots of other campaigns she cuverd up and turn her backs on are brothers . 3 her and Obama have a difrent set of plans for Republicans to ether kill us all or stick us in consist ration camps . Think about that there are atlest 7 camps . Obama got 4 mill in plastic coffens when he first got office . This list keeps going . Dust off enuff rugs the truth will come out in the wash . That cunt shouldn’t be a rent a cop nvm a presadent . She will never be my presadent I’d rather die then pay taxes to her . Obama hasn’t hot a dime from me in 2 years and I will not pay taxes ever agen unless trump gets office


      1. Jeff Yarger says:

        Rob, l find your comment to Justin extremely rude and unnecessary, to say the least. Not all people were fortunate enough to get an education years ago.
        Often times, children had to leave school to work to support ailing or absent parents.
        At least he had the guts to write out his thoughts,…. which is more than a lot of people with a higher education. Even though his grammar is laced with errors, one can still understand what he meant.
        One thing is for sure. His opinion is every bit as valuable as yours or mine, as is his vote. Grow up!


    1. Angrybird says:

      Then let all those f’ers fall on the sword they rammed in the back of all the Americans who voted their sorry A** in office. I will be praying it happens. Here is to cleaning house on the establishment.


  2. “Voter fraud” is an act commuted by a voter. What is happening in recent primaries and elections is not voter fraud, but election fraud, committed by candidates and/or their parties.

    I am not sure if there are any penalties for election fraud, as that is committed by the government, and as we have seen, no one of any significance is ever held to any level of questioning or accountability.

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    1. If you go to the FBI website, it’s under their purview to investigate allegations of voter suppression and election fraud. They’ve got enough allegations, but apparently they will not launch investigations because of fear of the Clintons. I guess that’s a valid excuse for them.


  3. The problem with Democracy is that there is no mechanism for change.. The ruling class spend five years pleading to be our servants and as soon as the cross is in the box – They become our masters. I’ve never worked that one out – except who governs the Government? Nobody. This is the core problem. The ‘ People, ‘ i.e. 99.99% of the population, are simply cannon fodder and worker bees. Change ? – How?


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