dan 88

Watching on C-Span the DNC roll call vote tells it all.  There is no way in heck that the Bernie people are going to vote for Hillary and those that refuse Trump will seek another.

jill untitledsss

Looks like Jill Stein- the third party Green candidate is going to get a lot of the Bernie votes that will demise Hillary for good. They never saw that one coming…..

Unless the DNC has more evil dead people who somehow resurrect once again to vote for Hillary she is doomed. Look ahead for more Clinton/DNC voter fraud to take place and/or mass suicides.

Meanwhile, the writing is on the wall, DONALD JOHN TRUMP  WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE!




  1. Robert Pilchman says:

    Dianne – Hoping this will soon be revealed as G-d’s will – “DONALD JOHN TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE!” However, G-d tends to help those who help themselves … Don’t underestimate the Clinton machine – the establishment – the media – the low info and misinformed voters …- RP

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  2. Judy Croce says:

    I want Trump to win. I have supported him from the beginning. Hillary is a criminal and needs to be arrested. This shows how bad our country has become. We have no borders and Obama and Hillary want more refugees on this country , they want open borders. I say vote for Trump and keep hillary out of the white house and for her and bill that’s worse than going to prison. Bernies people need to help the Trumps people to keep hillary out of the white house and vote for Trump. This would be some payback for cheating Bernie.


  3. Greg says:

    If your thinking Hillary is the one to vote for go see Hillary’s America the movie, and don’t rely on the media. The movie really opened my eyes, and shocked me. Democrats= CORRUPTION. If she happens to win this election, there is no doubt it was rigged and America needs to rise up and demand a do over with a alternative way to vote so there will be no manipulation of the electronic voting system. Just my opinion


  4. People need to know this election is about one thing only. Will we remain an independent United States or will be be part of a global government brought about by fascist Trade Agreements that take away American sovereignty and nullify our Congress and Constitution. The president has already signed TPP the trans pacific partnership which is a governing agreement emeshed with a trade agreement . It surrenders American sovereignty and freedom to a panel of 12 coutries who get to make policy for us on immigration, environmentalism, trade, borders. labor and much more. It is a corporatist takeover of our government, Within that agreement multinational corporation can sue our government if we are not allowing them to make profits they think they are rightly entitled to by the trade deal the multinational compainies wrote up! It was signed by Obama without him fully reading it and if Hillary is president will be put into law. It will thoroughly impoverish the American people by allowing open borders and labor from all countries to enter unimpeded.
    Trump is the only one who will stop it.
    Trump is a Nationalist and the Multinational Corporations want Hillary to implement their Agenda.
    There will be no other chance to save the American way of life. Trump is the only one who will help us do that.
    That is why he is in a herculean fight because every entity , the press, the globalist republican and democrats and the multinational corporations are throwing everything at him to make the American people reject him because they know he is going to work to bring prosperity back to the people and the corporations will not be able to profit at the people’s expense any longer.


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