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The media is not sure how to cover the RNC Convention.  Especially since all of the speeches have been fact filled, with honest blistering truth that sears right through their veil of propaganda they have shrouded over America. (Excluding lying Ted’s political suicide drama).  But then again, I loved watching him get booed off the stage.  I have a feeling he will become a democrat now.  He certainly won’t get re-elected as a RINO again.

A reporter asked Chris Christy if he felt like his speech was inciting a mob reaction?  He answered no- conventions are supposed to be fun and the people had fun with it.  He then pointed out that every thing he said was a fact and not mindless rhetoric and that actually everything he said was everything the media had been ignoring. ( I admit I shouted from my living room – “lock her up…lock her up!”  Christy was right – it was fun.)  

Funny how Laura Ingraham, during  her awesome speech, pointed to her friends in the press box and reminded them that they need to start reporting the facts because the people know what the truth is and that’s why they aren’t happy with them.  She too was correct. If you haven’t listened to her speech, it is a must watch. Click below.  She rocked the house!

The news may be shocking to the establishment owned media, and hard for their puppets to digest, but….it is refreshing to all the Americans who are tired of the lies and propaganda!  There was no politically correct words spoken.  It was speech after speech after speech of plain English, truth, facts and enthusiasm!

So while the media is trying to figure out how to avoid explaining what the world just watched, and how to spin the talking points into sound bytes of plagiarized speeches, comments that it is boring, accusations that no one knows what they are doing and Christy is inciting a mob…let me remind them that the mobs are outside the convention center protesting….and Obama, Clinton and the past administrations are the ones that created them!

The genie is out of the bottle and no one can stuff it back inside!  The people are awake and they want their country back!  The people do not want Clinton and her globalist agenda.  They want their country and their freedom!  This is our home!  In God we trust!



  1. Jean says:

    GREAT POST, Dianne !! What an Awesome night it was!! Laura Ingraham was fantastic! Yes we want our country back! Ted Cruz might as well go back to Canada where he belongs! How could we trust him, if he were the candidate? It’s time for the news media to tell the truth, because we know the truth !

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  2. Hi Dianne – before I watch Laura’s speech in its entirety….I’d like to ask if anyone else thought it strange that after the first, oh, two minutes of her appearance on stage, while the camera was still on her, the talking heads at FOX invited guests and proceeded to talk over her….I switched channels (because I was interested in her views) to CNN, same thing – she appeared but her words were obscured by the talking heads…same on MSNBC… now I’ll watch to hear what the media didn’t want us to hear!

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      1. Cindi, thanks for the tip! Wish I would have read your post before now….won’t be watching the DNC convention….don’t want anything any dummy says about how we’re divided (and that Hillary can fix that) to ruin that warm and cozy feeling I’m having!


  3. The most heart wrenching part of the Republican National Convention to me, was when Patricia Smith got up on that stage and grabbed everyone’s heart and held on to it for dear life. We felt her pain. He son died in Benghazi because of Hillary’s neglect. “What difference does it make at this point?” Hillary asks. She’ll find out on November 8th. I can’t imagine a mother’s pain in having to bury her own child. When she was done, I, as well as many others were in tears, feeling that poor woman’s pain. Hers was the most poignant speech of the Convention.


  4. Cats4Trump says:

    When the media cut out Laura and talked over her, it just proves what we already know, they dare not let you hear the truth, you would then see their malicious lies and distortions for what they are. had links to Right Side Broadcasting and the RNC on their website, it was so much fun to see the speeches streamed their entirety without the bla bla commentary from those with an agenda. If you haven’t seen the short bio of DJT’s life presented last night, you can find a link to that also, it was very powerful. He is an amazing person and I am so proud of him as our candidate. Pray for his safety and that the truth will prevail for it is the truth that sets us free and the truth is what the “mainstream media” cannot handle.


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