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The media is missing the biggest point in their efforts to accuse Melania  Trump of copying Michelle Obama’s speech words. Aside from the obvious lack of true comparison when you look at it word for word, for Melania’s father teaching her values and hard work is not anywhere near Obama and Michelle sharing the same values and goals being committed to achieve them.  The point being- Michelle did not mean any of her words in the same sense that Melania meant hers.

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In 2008 Michelle gave a Trojan horse speech that sounded like she was saying one thing but deceitfully was saying another.  Her speech deceived voters in order to win a vote to fulfill a progressive Marxist agenda.  Her values, and hard work  pushed a Kenyan into office and pushed  Obama Care, cradle to the grave, Common Core, and Racism, just to name a few things.  It was a God Damn America agenda.  Not a God Bless America.


The values, morals and hard work Melania is referring to is that of American values not Marxist.  They are Christian values, not atheistic, Marxist or Islamist pursuits. They are true values to respect all people regardless of color.  To help nurture our children, not design food programs where kids go hungry.  It is to actually educate our children with truth, and build the economy and create jobs so families can prosper.  Not push TTP and programs that give all a minimal limit, nor to erase borders and promote Sharia law.

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The only big dreams Michelle pushes is to take away what made America great and replace it with a tyrannical government. And yes, she and Barry work hard at those values.  So when you look at the speeches it is like comparing apples that look delicious but in fact are poison to a cornucopia filled with the real keys to enable all to fulfill the American dream!

There is no comparison between the two.

But if you want to see real plagiarism….watch the video:





  1. Jean says:

    Bravo! Melanie’s speech was very moving! It was heart felt…. Very touching! Just like her husband, Donald J. Trump…… May they be protected from the devil and his minions!!

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    1. Joan Lynch says:

      Melanie is the whole package – beautiful, intelligent (highly), speaks 4 languages – and loyal to America – just like her husband. She will make the best First Lady since Jackie!

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  2. Hillary is so jealous. She can’t speak to her own honesty or her word being her bond – the only thing her camp can do is try to discredit an honest woman by accusing her of plagiarism…..there is no place too low for Hillary to stoop.

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  3. Maria DE PAULA LAROCCA says:

    Melania’s speech was just BEAUTIFUL… She spoke about the love that she has for her husband, the values from her parents, the love for this country showing the opportunity that it gave to her. Also, the most important of all in this speech : SHE DELIVERED WHAT SHE WOULD DO AS A FIRST LADY, HELPING KIDS/WOMEN FOR BETTER EDUCATION… I can’t talk about Michelle Obama since she delivered in one of her speeches “FOR THE FIRST TIME I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” when the husband was elected President of this country. SAD to hear a First Lady with so much PACK OF RACISM IN HER HEART. This showed me how to avoid listening any speeches from her.
    For me it is clear that Melania will be a FANTASTIC first lady!!!

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  4. Helen Mucuha Kariuki says:

    NOTE: Better is the end of a matter than it’s beginning. Congratulations to Lady Michelle AND A Well Wish to Lady Melania.


  5. That quote is from the Denzel Washington movie John Q (Opened on February 15, 2002) “When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Because your word is your bond, son. It’s all you have.” Michelle stole it from Denzel.

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  6. Obviously, the “someone” who must give up some of their pie isn’t Queen Mooch-elle. But, then again, it’s not her pie–it was confiscated from American citizens who earned it. I wish she and B.O. would keep their infernal pie-holes closed.

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