Mike Pence has a lot of the same ideas as Trump to make America great again.  He has served 12 years in congress and knows what goes on behind closed doors in D.C..  As Governor of Indiana,  Pence has had his share of fighting for core principals.  He has been against Government run school systems and signed a bill to return Indiana’s educational system back to the people ridding it of “Common Core.”

pence untitled

He has a strong, credible record of executive accomplishment, pushing for the largest tax cuts in Indiana history and an elimination of the state’s estate tax during his term as governor.

Pence is on the same page as Trump in his ideas to enforce legal immigration. Ten years ago, while in congress, Pence proposed a comprehensive immigration bill  that would have required illegal immigrants to leave the country but would have allowed them to eventually return and become eligible for U.S. citizenship. Pence said the Christian virtues of thriftiness, hard work and second chances should be honored, siting the example of a beloved grandfather who emigrated from Ireland in 1923.

When in congress, Pence served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and has been a strong ally of Israel.


While in congress his motto to all was that he “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican — in that order.”   – See more at: http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/pence-profile#sthash.5EhaNQEv.dpuf

Pence was carefully vetted by Trump and after one looks into the record he has held to uphold American values, it is clear that Pence has been a good choice for V.P.

And now….the games begin as the media and voters begin their vetting process.  I am sure the left will have a hay day with Pence and his stance on religious freedoms supporting things like – as a business owner if you don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, you don’t have to go against your religious beliefs. Last year he signed into law for Indiana the ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’, which set a very high legal standard for any governmental interference with an Indiana resident’s professed exercise of religion. The law explicitly overruled several municipal ordinances barring discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

And then there is Pence’s support for TTP and NAFTA. Definitely not Trump’s view. However, things have come to light since 2012 that were hidden when Pence was for it all.  Time will tell how Trump will influence Pence’s views and the strategy behind his V.P. pick.

So, here we go…


No matter what they sling – I stand with Trump!




  1. Here are some things about Vice President Pence that I like. Common Core….Gone. Discrimination against the Christian faith….Gone. Protection of religious liberty….ESTABLISHED under his watch. And I think most importantly of all, Israel. He had their backs when he was in Congress. And he still does now. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t be voting for Trump in November, now that we know that he’s Trump’s pick. I would probably either be voting for Gary Johnson or staying at home without voting at all. But I won’t have to worry about that this year.

    Now, here are a few things that I don’t like about Vice President Pence. In the past, he as expressed support for stealth amnesty. And he has supported NAFTA, and he’s also shown support for TPP. And he’s all for privatizing Social Security. Has his views changed about stealth amnesty, about NAFTA, about TPP, and above all, Social Security? I want to know the answers to these questions in short order. It’s important to me and to most other Americans.


  2. Milissa says:

    I live in Indiana and of all the wonderful choices Trump had before him, he went with the only guy losing his reelection bid in a very red state.
    Trump said he wanted to shake up the status quo. What better way then with a career politician who may well have lost his job in a state so red it’s scarlet.
    What better way to prove you want fresh ideas than to go with a six term congressman? Yeah, that’s outside the beltway thinking.
    You had marvelous choices, Colonel Allen West, Speaker Gingrich, and you went with the worst choice. In fact, his resume looks a lot like what you were running against. You chose poorly, Mr.Trump. And in this gargantuan error you have doomed us to another Clinton in the oval office. Thanks a bunch.


    1. tj says:

      interesting observations.

      this made me feel a bit better:

      unfortunate short list indeed.

      the major problem all leaders face (especially potentially great ones – inexperienced in the killer-shark waters known as politics) – who to listen to / trust. the more success they realize in the ‘dirty business’ – further they get from ‘the people’ – & the more likely they are to be wrongly influenced by self-serving special interests.

      it cost: Eisenhower, Kennedy, & Reagan too.

      people who love power – are the last ones who should have it.

      a ‘servants heart’ – is especially tough to find in lawyers, bankers, & most professional politicians – one reason they should generally be avoided like the plague for ‘representative’ public service.

      Vaya con Dios

      ps. thanks for your blog, forum & insights Ms Marshall – very much appreciated indeed.

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  3. I’m glad he chose Pence. Great pick for VP, however Gingrich was who I really wanted. It’s good to see he is surroundind himself with great people. This is a big difference from who Obama has associated himself with. TRUMP 2016

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    1. I don’t know how to work that. I will see if I can figure it out. Others do it that way….not sure what is going on there. I will look at it. It is word press, not me doing that. Sorry.


  4. tj says:

    may GOD Bless Mr Trump.



    Kennedy, Reagan, Trump: refreshingly candid & honest populists Presidents – who truly love/loved America & her people.

    good populist’s & loyal vp(s) / cabinet? GOD knows – we sure pray so…

    may “GOD Bless us, everyone.”
    (tiny tim)

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  5. C J says:

    Mike Pence has all the qualifications as a good VP for Donald Trump. May Yahusha be with them to bring stability to our people and country.Praise Yahusha.


    1. I trust Trump, but my biggest concern about Pence is that he is weak, and lacks discernment. I watched his “endorsement” of Cruz on YT. He talked about how great Trump was. Then he hung his head and said, “I am voting for Cruz”. I am afraid he can be bought, and that presents a mortal danger to Trump. Our only hope, is that some of Trump’s courage rubs off on him. At least enough to keep Trump from taking a bullet.


  6. REALITY CHECK- For better can’t be worst than evil democrat cabal. May JEHOVAH bless, protect and keep Trump/Pence and grant us mercy to leave the road of perdition onto the road of redemption.
    Enforce the Rule of Biblical Law, abolition of child murder and soetoro/obama et al complicits.
    Toleration Is Compromise – Ignorance Is Complicity – Inaction Is Approval


  7. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:
    I just finished an article on Trump’s choice, and although many of Pence’s stances are in direct opposition to Trump’s policies, choosing this globalist-lite person united the party. I just don’t want another Reagan/Bush where Bush undoes everything Reagan did. Not good. Nevertheless, I stand with you Diane, we must have Trump


  8. LKZ says:

    I was not thrilled about Pence because of his odd behavior supporting Cruz during the primary.
    I was praying two nights ago, and the Lord impressed three words on my heart, “he is a Christian.”

    That truth floored me, Donald J Trump has a Christian for a VP!

    Would anyone have EVER thought Donald trump would be so supported, influenced and surrounded by such godly people? Keep praying Church, our gracious God and Savior is working.


  9. If candidate Pence, or anyone else, thinks we should follow Romans 13 instructions to follow all commands, please understand that in Rome two thousand years ago, there was no established Christian country that took responsibility to legislate and administer a Christian way of life. It was and is public’s responsibility to select/elect people to be the servants for that administration in our country.. We are in very late times with Christ’s enemy on earth with great wrath against us. If we follow his commands, Lucifer will impose the ending of Christian ways and replacing them with every abomination, including global acceptance of the damning mark of the beast.


  10. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Pray for our leaders, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6: 12.

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  11. Krakatoa says:

    There were much better choices like Flynn, Sessions, even Gingrich. Pence is a typical self serving politician who keeps an eye on the weather to see which way the wind is blowing. I’ll stay with Trump, but the acquisition of Pence gave me second thoughts.


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