Turkey’s military attempts to seize power from Erdogan have been successful, as low flying jets and gunfire heard in Ankara and bridges across Bosphorus in Istanbul closed. The Turkey Prime Minister has now been arrested.  Obama’s buddy called corrupt by military coupe.Click here for updates and details in English

Sorry about the language barrier, but this is a developing story!



7 thoughts on “DEVELOPING – TURKEY DECLARES MARTIAL LAW- Prime Minister Arrested!

  1. Cindi says:

    This is Very Intersesting to me Dianne. Erdogan visited barrack Hussein Obama the end of March here in the states. Now this. The military has lost and this evil dictator will soon dispose of hundreds of military involved in this coup. He now has More Power than before the coup! I believe Obama has conspired with this evil to stage a coup only to gain more prestige and power and dominance over the people of turkey! Much like obama’s dream of dominance and power! Can’t happen here!! We’re on to the Obama/Hillary con!! No way Obama!! Go to hell where you belong and We The People will prosper in peace and goodness under the presidency of Doanal J Trump!!


  2. If one abuses his democratically elected president, i am forced to think he has no respect for the democracy and his country’s Electorate. Same should be expected for Mr. Donald Trump if he gets elected as the President.


  3. You guys…this is horrible information. Muslim clerics have been using our tax dollars to run Islamic charter schools here in America. They disguise them as STEM science schools. They are run by this Gelen guy, that Erdogan wants exrtradited. I cried when I found out. We have been so foolish and blind in this country for so long. See info here:


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