There are those who look at this election with intent to compare things to the point that no one can understand accusing Trump supporters of lifting him up as a savior.  Jesus the Lord and Christ came to earth without sin and gave his life that all might live eternal who repent and believe in him.  Trump has come forward to stand for the people. He is not Jesus the Lord and Christ he is but a man and because of that, he needs each one of us to help him stand.

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I am showing the difference here of a Christ and a man for obvious reasons. Especially for those who try and make Trump supporters out to be placing Trump up as a God.  He is not.  He is a mere mortal man.  A man who has inspired the masses to take a stand.  A stand that is long overdue.  A stand that is indeed Christ sanctified to offer liberty to all of God’s people and a stand that requires all of God’s people to stand up with him.  Those who are chosen, and called know exactly what I am meaning here.  Those are the only ones I intend to reach with this post.

Are you among those? I am.




  1. I am one of those, Dianne, and know that DJT is not perfect (nor is any human). I do, however, believe that DJT has been appointed by God to carry out a specific task. He has raised him and brought him through fires that are necessary to temper him to the point of being a very valuable tool.

    I can see no other that has been brought through the fires and succeeded, survived and is still driven to better this nation. He doesn’t need to do this but, obviously, is driven in spite of his own comfort. He already had that. He already had recognition, happiness and success, needing nothing further.

    God has placed this man in our presence, at this level, for a reason. Purification will come at the Hand of God. If anything should happen to him, God’s wrath is ready … God is ready, to FIGHT THIS WAR and have mankind purified … like it or not!

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  2. Jon Ciotti says:

    Diane, I am in total agreement with you. I do believe, though, that our Heavenly Father has heard the prayers of His people, has seen the tears, has seen the anguish, has seen the suffering and He has answered our prayers through Donald Trump. God is going to use Donald Trump to right the ship that has listed and has been sinking, the ship called “The US Of America”. For too many decades the enemy has brought destruction to our shores, he has removed God from every facet of life. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. The word says that in the day the thief is found out he will be made to give back all that’s he’s stolen + 7-fold. The devil has had his way for too long, he’s been found out and now it’s payback time, and our Lord has called and anointed Donald Trump for such a time in history, unlike we’ve never seen before.

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  3. Jean says:

    I, also am with you, Dianne! Trump is a type of deliverer…. Like Moses, Joseph and Joan of Arc, were all used by YAHUAH to set HIS people Free. DJT has a loving and caring heart for the people!!! He is hated by Satan’s minions . Mr. Trump destroyed Political correctness, and they Do Not Like That One bit!!

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  4. wendy says:

    while watching the congressional hearing of FBI agent comey I noticed when he was sworn in they did not use the word ‘So help me God’ I do not know when they stopped saying so help me God when swearing an oath. I was wondering who he was swearing to. So sad to see the word God scrubbed from congress. This said a lot to me and I was very sad to not hear those words. I would imagine they will take it from the money soon but I am almost positive that creepy all seeing eye will remain.

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  5. Cindi says:

    Thought the left believed Obama to be the Messiah! There is Only One Messiah who is Jesus Christ and he lives in each one of us who believes..including Donald J Trump!!

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