Hillary is out on a liar campaign vetting her VP picks and boy can Tim Kaine lie good.

kaine tim-kaine

He is a virtual minion who can utter trash without a stroke of conscience while Hillary  bobbles her head in agreement to all the lies as though she belongs on someone’s rear dash board!

Bernie supporters and the world have already heard the truth behind all the lies they are spewing….this is a perfect example of evil rearing its’ ugly head and insulting voter intelligence.  But, then again….like attract like and lemmings will often mistake a bobble head to be a real prize and take it from the rear and place it on the front dash.

kaine 07122016-pod12_05_tzr-780x500

Attention all mindless…get your Hillary bobble head while supplies last!kaine Cankles-Animated




  1. Ideas Time says:

    May I suggest an Idea?

    Now here is a killer idea, Lets let all of Trump’s favorite guys hold a national debate and let Trump host it and he picks who ever wins the polls after the debate is finished.

    The debate nationally televised will draw tens of millions of viewers and we the people should be able to field questions too. Three hours to see who can hold up.

    Hold the debate at the convention next week? Can do and how fun. Talk about shaking up the system. Let’s Do It.

    Why make the decision any other way, let the people decide based on who of the VP top picks wins the debate. Love it.

    Please spread the idea if you like it. This will be a game changer and get everyone involved in the selection process. True democracy. To Mr Trump this is the apprentice with 50 million views.

    If Trump does this everyone will know he wants the people who are informed to help make the decision of who will be VP.

    They could sell tickets to this event as so many would want to see it.

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  2. williamjamesward says:

    When Donald Trump debates corrupt Hillary (she may back out) I would suggest
    he bring a bucket of water and pour it on Hillary, problem solved…………..Oh yes!
    and destroy her broom………………….William


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