America needs Trump to put the wind back in her sails and chart her course back on the mariner’s map!  The evil demonic administrations that have been pushing America’s ship is finally in plain sight and those with eyes to see do not like at all what they are viewing, let alone what they are remembering as they connect all the dots. The only sanity Americans have is Donald J. Trump.  He knows all the things we know and more and has vowed to set America straight – back on course and he will not buckle when the ship enters into the deep murky waters.  He knows all things and some of these things he simply knows better than to talk about.  Yet, he is fully aware.  He is sent like a captain who knows how to sail the murky seas and get the ship to shore and all passengers safely.  For that, I am thankful to my Lord.  Amen.

2015 Hank's Yanks Golf Classic

On the other hand, no matter how you look at the history of the Clintons…it is all the same.  They were  NWO Jr. operatives from the start.  They were young, fresh and ripe for the mind washing and boy did the detergent set in.  Follow their life into the present and no one can deny the truth that they are bought and sold ten fold over!  Not only by the great merchants of the earth in North America but the entire world.

Sad, very sad that the people all slept through the entire Clinton nightmare that is waking them up today!  And now we are supposed to believe that a woman who had less than 200 people attending her rallies as a national average to have millions wanting her to be president?  No! Bernie had the crowds, Hillary had the props.  Private rallies, private meetings, and private all things….how in the world could a private corporation named Hillary Clinton….ever have beaten Bernie?  Oh…the Cruz banana trick…pull delegates and especially super delegates out of your “favors owed” box!

Bernie supporters are not that stupid…if they are they deserve Hillary.  Yet, in the population of America the people are waking up and most are awake. Those who are awake are not willing to go back to sleep for Hillary nor the devil who unleashes her!

It is not about Trump the man.  It is about America and the right person to battle this evil storm and guide America to the shores where she will survive.  That being said, there is only one man that can do just that.  His name is DONALD JOHN TRUMP!  I am on board.  Are you?





  1. I’m definitely on board, Dianne. By no means is DJT perfect, but neither is any human. I sincerely believe that he has been reared up and appointed to do this task and it certainly is not a pretty one for him to face but I thank God that he has the energy and determination that we have all seen.

    We couldn’t ask for a more learned person who knows the background (whether he participated in earlier years or not, he knows it). I do wish we had ways to get information to him that is found … or at least to his research teams, because with as much as there is, it is going to take a mountain of people to understand which is propaganda … and which is not. Most of us do not have the programming to prove what we find, nor the legal ability to carry our findings, if relevant, to the Captain’s mind.

    God be with us all!


  2. Jean says:

    We stand with you, Dianne, have been aware of the Clintons for a long time, since the 1990’s. They don’t care about Anyone but themselves! Go President Trump!!!


  3. tj says:


    other than law firms – lawyers / scribes can’t run a n y t h i n g.

    why people vote for them is beyond me . . .

    the clinton’s have done so much harm to our country / families – reigel / neal; gramm / leach / bliley; nafta; pntr; etc, etc. why anyone in their right mind (who isn’t a total crook) – would vote to bring them back – is unbelievable.

    Mr. Trump! is a proven job creator, & a doer.

    & unlike the opposition – he loves america!

    why do we elect people who despise this beautiful God’s country? why do we let them move in?


    the ‘Trump Freedom Wall’ – make it the best wall ever!

    beating china’s beautiful ‘great wall’ will be a challange – but Mr Trump can do it!

    Vaya con Dios


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