The civilian national security force will never stand with the American people or the laws of the land, even if Obama’s ideals were to build a demonic civilian army of Black Panthers and BLM and the like.  It was doomed to fail as soon as he declared it.

The fact that he, Hillary and Soros approve this message is a big indicator that the civilian army is in fact the exact entity that is nothing more than a radical treasonous coupe.  The fact that this is  funded by Soros and supported by a 501C3 status is corrupt beyond the definition of corruption.

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I believe they broke the law in what it takes to maintain that status, let alone treasonous acts have been committed and condoned.  Do you?

Dianne Marshall




  1. Anarchy is the correct term and these people do not know what they are taking themselves into. They’ve already been bound to a type of slavery by Obama and Clinton and things will steadily get worse for them. They cry out about the slavery of their forefathers, yet fight a war to put them back into the same situation.

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  2. tj says:

    all elected & appointed officials – have sworn a solemn oath – ‘to uphold & defend the constitution of the usa, against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic’…

    broken. disregarded. contempt, even.

    lawlessness – from the highest offices in the land…

    if it isn’t – what is treason?

    …if it looks like a duck, & walks like a duck, & quacks like a duck…

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  3. I realize these people are being paid to do this.. Please.. Don’t let them use you as tools. It is so important now- for all of us to come together. Black Americans are the majority now- it is time for you to pick up the baton and shine. They have used you for so long, just to cause trouble. Time to drop all political and religious labels and come together. The cabal and the evil corporate puppets in dc are in a death knell, they are going down and they know it. Study also @ ” the timeline” Another extremely important site learn yourself the difference between ” admiralty law of the sea” and common law of the land- which we the people of the land are owed!!!! This is how they have turned this country- FUBAR…

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