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Theresa May – is a breath of fresh air to England’s working class and is likely to be as hard-nosed and cozy with the U.S. as Britain’s first female PM, Margaret Thatcher! In a mysterious turn of events…May’s rivals have all taken a bow and now all that is left to do is to usher in Britain’s new prime minister Theresa May!

“If you’re from an ordinary, working-class family, life is just much harder than many people in politics realize,” May said. “You have a job, but you don’t always have job security. You have your own home, but you worry about mortgage rates going up. You can just about manage, but you worry about the cost of living and the quality of the local school, because there’s no other choice for you.

“Frankly, not everybody in Westminster understands what it’s like to live like this. And some need to be told that what the Government does isn’t a game, it’s a serious business that has real consequences for people’s lives. I will set out more detailed proposals in the coming weeks, but for today I want to be clear: under my leadership, the motives of the Conservative Party will never be in any doubt. And our actions will be bold.”

Theresa May has vowed to continue to lead Britain to the Brexit door.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Cats4Trump says:

    It would be wonderful if she were another Margaret Thatcher, God knows we need that kind of leadership now. But Breitbart London reports that many Conservatives are unhappy with May’s pro-Shariah, anti-Brexit views. She vows to lead them TO the Brexit door, will she lead them through it?


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