Exposing The Control System…

As long as humanity questions nothing that is taught and buys into all that is told to them by a propaganda liar base establishment system….the masses will eventually be locked into a false reality that has no exit.

Those that don’t want to question and choose to memorize all things will never know the difference between lies and truth.  They will let the blind lead them and yell at truth as they fall into the ditch.

Evil has sought to control the masses from the very beginning of time. Nothing has changed. It is true “There is nothing new under the sun”.

donald-trump-50 copy

The same liars that endorse world views on TTP, ISIS as our friends, the UN as a globally needed “godfather”, raising your children from cradle to the grave, building a North American Union….and on and on….are cut from the same cloth of liars that have brought destruction on the earth in all generations past and present.  Evil principalities and powers guide the very direction of all the web of deceit.

I for one am awake.  One little mortal with no power nor great wealth.  Just insight and common sense.  To say anything against evil propaganda, you will be met with the wrath that a Trump supporter is met with for supporting the best person for President – Donald John Trump.  Evil fears him taking office.  For he will expose their lies and stop their destruction where ever he can.  They fear this.

freedom  AxY6dkN6LN_1400780361253

So, as with all liars…ignore their shouts of belittling and forge ahead. Question all things and stand up for truth.  The truth shall set you free! Speak out while you can!

Dianne Marshall


4 thoughts on “Exposing The Control System…

  1. Cindi says:

    Only a few months left until we vote to remain a free country with liberty and justice for all or lose our freedoms and independence for ever! It’s so serious a time in our history Dianne that we Do need to fight the current evil running this country with God and goodness and truth and so much prayer!! The good people of this country are choosing the light and the gift Of Donald Trump!!


  2. Shela says:

    And I ask…….
    What is truth? Everyone swears they & they along have Truth. I have read In debt of all saying they have absolutely TRUTH! Only to find facts, dates, don’t match. The truth if ever exposed will be beyond what man has been told. Will we ever know truth? Who knows? My personal opinion is its unraveling. Exactly what has been kept so secret is being revealed. Do I know truth? No! It is beyond my understanding. To many shouting they are right to know if any are right. Wow! This election is a embarrassing dog and pony show. I even saw Paul Ryan this morning advertising the Morning Show. Foolishness! This country in a terrible mess and the Speaker Of The House does advertising ! I have made up my mind, I will vote, but this bull I’m done with Speaker Ryan, George Bush, Al Gore. Let it go you are a joke.


  3. AnnInFL says:

    You are completely kidding yourself if you think that Donald Trump would not become a tyrant. He is a narcissist and defines “good” as what is good for Donald Trump. He is not moral, and serves no god other than himself. Hillary is no better, and probably worse, because she is completely controlled by the globalist agenda. Donald Trump is a bit of a wild-card, because he is not “in the know”, which is why the globalists would rather have Hillary. If Trump gets elected, they will control him, too. Elections will not save us. Things will get uglier from here. Prepare.


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