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Donald John Trump is a man chosen to awaken a people. He has succeeded at doing just that. Now…it is up to the people to lift the man who was chosen to the very top of the leadership pinnacle as president so he can accomplish the great things he was called out to do!

The man was chosen, he was called, he is willing…are you ready to rally behind him, beside him, in front of him?  If so….do it now!




  1. Cindi says:

    I’ve been with Trump from the beginning and I’m with him to the end as well as All my family and our extended family!!! His presidency can’t come soon enough!!! That will be a time of rejoicing for All Americans!!

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    1. Jean says:

      Amen! To that!! No coincidence….. His name is Trump! I have been saying this from the beginning! BARUCK HABA BESHAM YAHUAH!!! Blessed is He who comes in The Name of YAHUAH!!!

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  2. 100% behind Donald Trump! I know Donald is Chosen by God to lead America I literally Prayed that God would bless this Country with a business man that loved this country as much as me like Donald Trump for the past 3 years!!!!

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  3. Grams says:

    Too bad some still hate him. Our local Iowa guy has a syndicated radio program and just opened his market to Northern CA. He is encouraging delegates to dump Trump. He has a lot of influence here and all attempts to reason with him were useless. He blocked my Facebook messages (which were always polite and mainly just article links to good articles about DT). He often appears on national TV such as MSNBC, CNN. He has left the Republican party over this. He and his followers call DT very nasty things and they all claim to be Christians.

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  4. Ideas Time says:

    Talk is cheep if we the people do not chip in for the salvation of America. I have sent small contribution directly to the Trump campaign. We need to show that Trump has the support of the people not the Cabal banksters. We can not expect to be saved if we are not willing to help.

    Trump has already proven that he does not waist money. Hundreds of millions have been spent against him and he is the top dog. I really like what Paul N. in WI is doing with billboards.


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