Hillary supporters must be willing to have rape, assault, beheadings, and sharia law.  They must be ready to be attacked left and right for the way they dress, think and just because they are a woman!  By who?  By the millions of Islamist refugees Hillary is ready to bring to your cities and towns! Are you for ‘HER’? The she beast is not for you!

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Get ready for more new years eve’s like the one Angela had in Cologne!

Yes, Hillary is admitting that she stands by the refugees over sovereignty and safety of the people just like Angela.  I say send her to Iraq!

How quickly those Hillary lovers forget….or perhaps it is the mainstream medias fault for ignoring real news and worrying about the size of Trump’s hands.  Fools all of them!

DONALD 90b24e2a4fe50275_GettyImages-511342974_xxxlarge_2x

Trump is the only one warning America and the world of what is taking place!




  1. Ideas Time says:

    Everyone needs to start giving serious attention to how we can assure the voting is honest and votes counted accurately.

    No voting twice, no dead people and only American citizens with one vote.

    They will use rigged or just plain fake polls to give plausible deniability to installing their selection for pres or Hillary. We need only paper ballots with a carbon receipt that can be given to another set of independent counters that can insure the integrity of the vote.

    If we do not address this program and have volunteer counters and carbon receipts for the general they will use voting machines to give Trumps votes to Hillary Clinton with the blessing the establishment GOP who are in bed with Clinton and want the crime spree to continue unabated.

    We can not count on the establishment to fix the problem as they are and profit from the rigged system. They will pay lip service to the rigged system to shut use up and continue business and fraud as usual which is what keeps these criminals in office. Do anyone really think they want an honest system? I have a bridge to sell them if they do.

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    1. Also two separate ballot box’s, with people for both candidates, not just one side there. Watchers for illegals trying to vote, arrest them, and deport them.
      Go Trump Go! #PresidentTrump 2016!

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