Britain broke free and America must take heed to understand the same establishment who control the EU are the same ones who are building NAFTA and the North American Union!  Hillary is glued to the hip of all these globalists!  The Clinton Foundation funds all this junk that either enslaves or topples nations!

“Brexit The Movie” was an eye opener of facts and plea for hope to the people before the vote was made.  Each American should watch this documentary and see how the entire world has fallen under the hands of great merchants who have been secretly  ruling over the masses in the earth.

From the Video:  “Brexit: The Movie lays bare the nature of the European Union – and shows why millions of Brits are voting to leave it. It blows apart the pro-EU propaganda and makes the case for an independent, confident and outward-looking Britain.

Do not let unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels dictate the future of your children and grandchildren. Free yourselves from the shackles of a collectivist organization that gradually destroys the sovereignty of all free nations!

I urge every patriotic Brit to vote LEAVE on the 23rd June, for the sake of your great country well as the future of Europe – and ultimately humanity.

Vote for Prosperity, Sovereignty, Independence, strong Borders, Freedom, Economic Strength and Self-determination. Vote Britain, vote LEAVE!”

nigel farage 55bb4bf5c36188c8678b456aNigel Farage lead the Independent Conservative Party to victory!

So as stock markets plummet the value of the Rothschild’s gold increases.  Is there a hidden agenda lying inside what appears to be a massive win for independence?  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Cameron announced he will step down in October and allow another Prime Minister Take his place. Watch below:

stephanie trump Cea--anXEAE3s4v

America needs to heed the reality of the agenda to erase nation sovereignty and push no border policies.  The North American Union is and has been being formed under our eyes and the same establishment puppet masters behind the EU are the very same ones pushing the new world global order.  What Britain did was the beginning of a chain reaction of liberty for all nations under the deception of a global governance. I believe Trump helped open eyes and lift the resolve of those who took their Britain back!




  1. Cindi says:

    Thank God Brittain has voted to leave the EU!!! Donald Trumps rise has led to people becoming brave and feeling free to say and do what what we Know is Right and Good and in our best interest!! Think a domino of goodness effect is about to take effect!! Hillary better watch out! She’s about to get Crushed!!

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  2. Let’s not kid ourselves here. This whole thing could boomerang and backfire right in our faces if we’re not careful and get too pompous. Britain is Britain and this is the United States. What caused the unexpected turnaround in Britain was an all day rainstorm of near Biblical proportions in the southern part of England, mostly in and around London, where the lion’s share of Britain’s population lives, mostly from the “remain” camp. It was an act of God that caused the Brexit, not Donald Trump. While the storms were perfectly timed, we’re going to need an even bigger act of God for the same thing to happen here in the USA on November 8th. Many of the people on the “remain” side stayed home, because of the storms in London. It didn’t deter the older people from voting, but many of the younger people didn’t think it was worth getting wet over. That’s what won the Brexit. No one wants to admit that, it seems. We’re going to need a miracle from God to get Trump elected. Brexit is a great start, but taking what happened over there for granted would be a big act of tomfoolery that we just cannot afford to do. It’s time to pray, America. And I mean really pray.

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  3. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    Donald Trump’s second action as the legitimate 44th U.S. President after arresting Obama for treason is to request return of the Churchill bust that was given to the citizens of the U.S.A. and stolen by the usurper Obama and given back to the U.K.


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