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Behold those who desire to take away the second amendment and their grand “LET’S SIT ON OUR BEHINDS”  on the congressional floor. Why is it not surprising to see they have resorted to the same  behavior as those they  coherse, encourage and applaud to squat in the streets blocking peaceful citizens from going about their business. This is what they know…this is what they do. Today the minions have staged a sit in to push their evil agenda to destroy the constitution from within.  My hope is they just sit their until they rot.


If this is not a tell- tell sign of who is behind all the staged protests – then you will never see the minions who instigate all the helter skelter in the streets. I mean why is it they all appear as frogs, reptiles, warlocks and witches?  I am sure there are a few RINO’s that would love to be sitting there with their fellow “comrades in crime” against the American people.

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Do you really want a Hillary to be their high priestess?  That is what she is folks.  She is boldly shouting “I WANT YOUR GUNS!”   While at the same time she is responsible for helping with the biggest gun smuggling rings in history – Fast and Furious, and Benghazi! The Arab spring has her name all over it and so does ISIS!

Hillary and the dems are of the mindset to take your guns and arm the enemy.  They have NO PLANS FOR TAKING GUNS FROM ISIS OR TERRORISTS – ONLY CITIZENS!


But, fear not….Trump is pointing them all out…even the blind see this bunch clearly.  Only evil refuses to see. They are too busy working to create more chaos.

Dianne Marshall


  1. Cindi says:

    You are so right Dianne!! The evil left is Constantly creating more and more chaos to take the attention away from all the good that exists in this world. Wonder if they’re looking to distract from the Awesome speech Donald Trump made regarding crooked Hillary!!

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  2. Cats4Trump says:

    So this is what our elected representatives look like these days. More like a bunch of spoiled children who didn’t get their own way. What’s next, holding your breath? Please give us a break and represent the American people for a change. We don’t need gun control, as others are saying, we need to control those who would destroy us.


  3. FukTed Cruz says:

    Communism is trying to take over. When our media colludes to rig and election with the democrats all the while bribing delegates to change rules at a convention so they can control the republicans with an ineligible immigrant tells you all you need to know


  4. Donald E Pendleton says:

    The Dem Babies pouted and sat in the floor waitng for their cookies and milk, before getting a paci and blankey for a nap. Pitiful babie. Voters, vote these babies into office. My God what a mistake. They all need an aptitude test and some social skills training. Maybe some potty training as well.


  5. Ideas Time says:

    The great thing about our rights is that they are Unalienable Rights which means you can not give them away, they can not be taken from you, voted away or legislated away by corporations masquerading as ligament govs. Remember they are all just corporate employees and corporations are made by man and are fictions. We the people are the sovereigns not the servants to these traitors. It would be nice if some gallows could be built out front of Congress and the WH to remind them what happens to traitors.


  6. Leave them sit there. Congress has not done anything for 8 years but let Obama be king. Let them sit there as long as they’re stupid enough to. Using the crap about it’s what the people want, is really a joke. These people have never cared about that either


  7. James Dixon says:

    Just like Hitler, Obama is bent on ways to make law abiding citizens more and more helpless by taking away all means of self defense. This is how tyrants are able to take over and push their agenda without push back from the masses. Americans are waking up though and the establishment knows it which is why they’ve found it so easy to unite against the one person who has the power to unravel the tangled web they’ve woven and it scares the living hell out of them.


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