Allen West In FaceBook Jail For Posting Truth About No Guns In 911!

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So let’s ban planes?  Let’s ban bombs?  Let’s ban terrorists?  Which one makes more sense?  Not going to ban the guns without a civil war….so bring it on or talk sense!

America is under attack by old men who won’t die unless they see their new world order realized.  So what is the answer here?  Think about it…there is always an answer.



15 thoughts on “Allen West In FaceBook Jail For Posting Truth About No Guns In 911!

  1. Cindi says:

    Obama and all his followers including zuckerberg are in an all out war with the law abiding and truth telling citizens of the United States!! What they’re ignorant to is we Will Not give in to their constant bullying and berating!! We’re fighting back on the side of Truth and Donald Trump!!!


  2. tj says:


    if the globalist destroyers weren’t such Total Hypocrites – they would LEAD by example & give-up theirs first & voluntarily…

    anyone with as much as 1/2 a brain ought to demand such (do as you say) …before considering their selfserving OPINIONs on …anything.


    elitists response: ‘do as we say – not as we do you peons / serfs / little people!’

    um’ hum…

    Vaya con Dios


  3. Bombs already banned and Trump is only one that will ban terrorist. We all know planes won’t be banned so all that’s left is our guns and only Trump will protect our 2nd Amendment. As far as New World Order, it won’t happen under Trumps watch and Trump will have 8 years to send it backward about 20 years and only Trump can do it. Then after the Donald, we may have the Trump dynasty for the next 45 years! That ought to be enough to set the New World Order back indefinitely! Trump 2017!


  4. tj says:


    those in public office have SWORN an oath of allegiance: ‘to UPHOLD & DEFEND the constitution of the USA – against ALL enemy’s – both foreign & domestic’…


    Vaya con Dios


  5. Katherine ONeill-Rootveld says:

    Dianne I just cancelled my following because I have a few questions. Why is the date on this report for tomorrow? I love your writings but the report on Orlando is a bit off because my daughter has a friend that was there when it happened. It really happened …… I would appreciate if you would get back with me about this because I’m really confused where you got your info.


    1. Jim Boettner, you got that right.
      All Representatives come up for re election every even numbered year (2014, 2016, 2018, etc). The Senators “serve” for 6 years and their election is split into three groups of approximately 100 Senators so they do not come up at the same time. When they do, Vote OUT any and all Senators and Representatives who have INCUMBENT next to their names!!!!

      If your ballots do not include the word: INCUMBENT, then before going to vote, PLEASE look it up to see what two Senators are for your state and which Representative for your district.

      Then set Strict TERM LIMITS! 6 years MAX!! Get rid of career politicians!!! Keep an eye on the people that should be representing you in Washington. Email them throughout their term to let them know how you feel about their voting habits. When an INCUMBENT comes up, if you don’t like the way they have voted, don’t leave them in office, VOTE THEM OUT. That will ensure term limits for the a$$ holes.

      Plus insist on “ROLL CALL VOTES” only!!!! NO raising of hands for voting. WE have the right to know how our Senators/Representatives vote!

      And keep voting them out each election until we get them all !!!!


  6. The hipocrosy of the liberal P’sOS is shining as bright as ever immediately apon the news that broke about the arrest of an individual in
    posession of a firearm at a Trump event the left went batshit crazy they were spewing shit in hopes that someone would assassinate Mr. Trump, the same wackos that preach about how “guns are the scurge of humanity.” And why don’t the FB Nazis burn their posts that are offensive?
    I wonder if Mr. Trump (God forbid) was shot and killed by an anti Trump wacko, a Mexican wacko, or a muzscum terrorist wacko in allegiance to isis /izscum would the muzscum in chief pos come out with his anti-gun reteric? Or would crickets be the only sound we hear from the Whitehouse ?


  7. Ideas Time says:

    Here is the deal, we cannot ever solve the problem unless we define the problem. The corporations masquerading as govs who are if fact foreign agents hell bent on the destruction of America.

    If you really want to save America we all have to quit following the distractions and false flags.

    We are all chasing the tail of the dog. While we are being distracted, they are moving forward with Treason.

    The masses are so consumed with the latest false flag, they are moving forward and playing us like the fools we are.

    If anyone wants to fix the problem, we need to deal with the real issues, like fraud, the irs, the fed and fractional reserve banking. That is the real story.

    Start by declaring all odious debt null and void.


  8. Ideas Time says:

    I could fix this county overnight. One let Congress create money after they are no longer a corporation and a real sovereign gov, eliminate fraud, the irs, which is a Puerto Rico Trust, and is a privately owned trust, and the foreign owned fed who operates out of DC as is the DC crowd.

    The people are the gov, not the fraud that is going on to keep the traitors in office.

    Until people get the fraud and keep following the false flags these people will play us until the win.


  9. Ron Coon says:

    There is a team that will not be defeated this coming November. Two warriors in the White House; One, a financial and business genius and guru, and Two, a Veteran warrior of the Sword. Both with the same purpose and goal. That the needs of the American people are FIRST and FOREMOST on THEIR AGENDA, not the wants of the parasites of the world.

    The two men are Donald J. Trump and Lt. Col. Allen West. Our George S. Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Black Jack Pershing of TODAY.


    BIG PICTURE, I’m seeing an Allen West Presidency in 2024/2028 after 2 successful terms as Donald Trump’s VP.

    TRUMP/WEST 2016/2020


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