The Press Has Photos and Back Stories on Orando Victims. Really?

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Victims are all identified, and we even have photos and back stories and I do mean way back, REAL life stories on almost all of them. WOW, the press is so good at what they do.  I mean, they really got on the ball in such a short time.  I must applaud the Associated Press for being on their “A” game on this one.

I almost spit out my coffee when I started to read the entire deserata.  See link below.|9

Has anyone seen the carnage photos yet?  Anyone seen the blood at the scene of the crime?  I suspect the authorities will bulldoze down the Pulse so the awful memory will fade faster.  Then they will rebuild.  Or something like that. Anderson Cooper was even reported breaking down when reading his script….or the teleprompter news.  Something like that???

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I don’t recall when the news has been so quick to report background stories on so many people in my life.  Nor how miraculously people can be smiling and waving at cameras after being shot three times in the stomach with an assault weapon as the one young man did yesterday.  Well, I guess we just roll with it as history writes itself.  Meanwhile…nothing is shown or known about the deaths and drive by shootings in intercities and sanctuary cities.  Why report on that?

Dianne Marshall


12 thoughts on “The Press Has Photos and Back Stories on Orando Victims. Really?

  1. Good Morning Diane! I hadn’t thought about this, in those terms; but you’re correct….I also saw Andeerson Cooper attack our State Attorney Pam Bondi, alleging that Bondi was hypocritical and ingenuous because she, along with the majority of Floridians were opposed to the redefinition of marriage. In other words, Cooper (and CNN) were claiming that it’s hypocritical to believe marriage is a union of man and wife and not want gay people killed by ISIS….

    Altough I am outraged, and also heartbroken of what happened here in my home State, I also am sickened by the hypocrisy and the arrogance!


    1. RT has a video out of the wounded being transported. Funny thing though…the wounded are blocks away from the Pulse and being carried toward the Pulse not away from it. There is even one video where the people think they are out of camera view and put the wounded man down and they all stretch and walk away. It is so revealing. All one has to see is that video to know it is staged.


  2. I hear you Dianne, but why? I get the gun grab thing. But I see these guys as total bloodthirsty fiends. I can’t imagine why they would fake it when the could spill more blood. Mercy isn’t their thing. Unless I am missing something, which is entirely possible.


  3. Oh yeah…one more thing. False flag for sure. Gun grab, no duh. Last Tuesday, Trump said he was going to hit Hillary with a “speech”. Conveniently, a horrendous news item eclipses the narrative, and Trump can’t give his speech on Monday. This alone proves the false flag for me. I just can’t figure out how it benefits the evildoers to “stage” the event, when the god they serve delights in death and suffering.

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    1. Obama gave the clues in his speech. He said that the terrorists were against all the west. To call all bla bla bla. But, he made his point that it was not just the USA, it was the ENTIRE WEST or western world. Going along as they have planned through all the nation toppling and Arab spring and drone attacks. To create confusion and build a war between the muslims and the western nations. Just like Albert Pike planned a long time ago. All things are pushing in that direction and the evil ones are dang mad at Trump for standing up against their evil ideals and waking up America. Just like they are angry at Putin for doing the same. It is now or never for them and they are sloppy and have lost control of their puppet show! The curtain has been yanked back and they are getting more and more sloppy!


      1. You see, it is about creating civil war inside nations against the isms. Who are paid for by the establishment elite who want their new order. Yet the ism nations want their caliphate. It is all backfiring in all directions…lies spoken at tables are being exposed.


      2. This drama looks like a warm-up event and incitement of us sheeple before, say, there’s a nuke strike against a major US city or two, and Americans are divested of their guns and placed under Federal curfew or even camp “protection.” Sure, then a world war staged between the West and the Caliphate our rulers created would likely ensue.

        Certainly, out of the chaos and genocidal casualties, a new order and global government will spare us terror and bloodshed forevermore. Cue the ramped up A I techno-oppression, to include the Panopticon, internet registration and bot minders, biometric IDs, DNA sensors, mandatory inoculations and psychotropic drug therapies, and hunter drones, to keep the regular folk survivors “supportive” of the neo-Babylonian rulers safely ensconced in that capstone.

        Haven’t They made movies about this sort of thing?


  4. Ideas Time says:

    Has anyone who knows how checked the social security death index for the names published? They showed before changing it that Adam in Sandy Hook died the day before in a different state and changed when it was exposed. If anyone knows how they need to save the screen shots to preserve the record.

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  5. tj says:


    Right, as usual.

    The mainstream media’s selfish, dishonest, elitiest agenda is transparent to the informed – sadly, too many are not – & that is their target group.

    And the perpetually fuzzy ‘thinkers.’

    Keep up the good work!

    Vaya con Dios

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  6. tj says:


    the media & politicians – in their zeal to ILLEGALLY dismantle the USA Constitution (that said politicians have SWORN to uphold)…

    – & who have defamed Colt Industries, firearm owners, groups & retailers – by WRONGLY naming a weapon – & who have not corrected their wrong + apologized – & with EQUIVALENT placement to their wrong…

    Massive lawsuit by defamed & wronged parties?


    Vaya con Dios

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