Sick of Obama Lies? So is Trump!

vote trump Donald-Trump-Polls-Instagram-680x382Those of you who know about false flags and the tyrannical regime’s gun grab scams will understand that discrepancies abound in the land of propaganda.  What is worse is the Obama address to the public on the entire issue.  Making it more of Trump tweets and gun grab than a terrorist attack….if that is what we are supposed to believe.  Terrorism indeed with an establishment orchestration that most who know how this works…are sick of watching!

Then again the powers that be who allow such things are really getting very sloppy at their manufactured live theater events.  The crisis actors are so sickening to listen to any more.  Sadly, many believe every word they hear and question nothing.  It is time for common sense and new leadership.  Obama’s address to the nation on this mess was insulting, and reaked of rhetoric that served no purpose other than to grab guns and bring more ISIS so-called refugees into the country via his secret UPS plane deliveries.

So, while Obama continues to do the will of his puppet masters –  use your eyes, your ears and wake up!

OBAMA WAR 43823293_cached

He wants your guns, your borders, your jobs, your mind, your will, and your servitude.  Will you give it all to the puppet masters he serves?  Or will you expose their evil plans?

Dianne Marshall

7 thoughts on “Sick of Obama Lies? So is Trump!

  1. Yes, tom heneghan and Jim stone have it figured already- political insider has linked hill- to the shooter. I am so sick of the lying dc idiots and media they all need to hang for treason. You could watch the scripted local and national news and pick the lies. They say the sweep is coming on everyone of these evil heathens and I cannot wait. Along with the rest of the world. Also, check Ben fulford and stew Webb,don’t eat first.

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  2. tj says:

    Q: how can you tell when a lawyer is lying?

    A: their lips are moving.

    (by unknown)

    what really needs banned?

    lawyers: they need to be BANNED from elected (representational) public office. their training / indoctrination – is incompatible with Godly &/or ‘public service.’


    Vaya con Dios

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  3. Beverly Pepper says:

    I have a Florida concealed carry permit & it’s not that easy to get. It makes perfect sense that this was a false flag attack seeing as there were red flags all over the place for this cretin yet he was approved for one. I also heard a former FBI agent on Hannity last night say that Obama had ordered all files on Muslims scrubbed.


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