NATO is outdated for a reason! Trump knows it and so does Putin! So does congress…and so does the United Nations!

It is time to look at new things….a new world…and stop the insanity of a pre star wars Reagan era that was also a bit skewed.

Today most people understand all the crazy propaganda was spewed to build a fear of nuclear attacks by Russia in order to succumb the USA public into submission to agree to all the insane tactics.  After all…what was worse…insane tactics or nuclear bombs hitting USA soil?  Well, it was all a coupe’, a coupe’ that is known this day. NATO was designed to align all the free western world against big bully Russia.

Today, NATO is the bully.  Sending our trade embargos and acts to starve out Russia.  Why?  Because the perceived foreign policy wants to achieve their agenda 21 and part of that is securing the Ukraine.  And Crimea…but Crimea went back to Russia on their own….not trusting, nor wanting any part of the UN and USA ideals.

vote trump_1464273192694_2518649_ver1.0

Do a bit of research and you will see that the media has lied and not much they say is true.  It has been this way for a very long time.  Wake up America.  Trump knows what has been taking place and all that has come down the pipes since it all began!  This is why we need a President Trump!

We don’t need a crooked Hillary who has been the lap dog for NATO.  Why do you think they are supporting her even knowing all the guilty things she has done and all the blood on her hands?  Because she followed their orders.  That is it in a nutshell!

Dianne Marshall


4 thoughts on “NATO is outdated for a reason! Trump knows it and so does Putin! So does congress…and so does the United Nations!

  1. Dianne,
    Please pardon my off topic “copy and paste” (previously posted at CTH), but I HAVE to PACK!
    TRUMP/SESSIONS 2016!!!!

    I CAN’T WAIT!! Going to the rally tomorrow in Tampa! Even though I have to pack TONIGHT for departure to the RNC Sunday morning, I’m finding it hard to focus. I feel a sleeplessness, like a child on Christmas morning. Hell, I might drive down there (90 miles) tonight (wee hours), just to better my chances of the best spot in the room. I have worked at the venue many times, and hope one of my friends might “help me out”. After reading Bluto’s account of the most recent rally he attended, I CAN’T WAIT to be in a roomful of supporters of Mr. TRUMP!! I am as much of a technological maladroit as Phil Robertson, but I will try to capture a few images.All I have attended so far, were the primary era “meetings”, with (honestly) more “conservative” candidates than were good for them. Tomorrow is going to be UNADULTERATED TRUMP!!!
    TRUMP/SESSIONS 2016!!!!
    P.S. There won’t be any “horse-hockey” from any violent protestors, if I can help it. (I truly hope it doesn’t get to that.)

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  2. This headline “Hits the nail right square on the head” there is not a reason in the world for our two countries -to not get along. Mr Trumps abilities shine here and are very admirable. I have gained a “deep respect” for Vladimir Putin on the way he has handled every situation the cabal has thrown his way in these last few years. The “mass awakening” of the American people has been well overdue. Our “Patriotism” has been sorely taken advantage of, we have been so lied to and deceived for so long. What did we do wrong? We “trusted” that’s what. Our govt structure is fine, but the 535 members of corrupt evil ,liars-imposters,corporate idiots need replaced with an honorable men and women. And the “Republic” returned to the people, not London.

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