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Trump has defied all the odds, all the negative attacks from his own GOP party, all the media lies, all the opponent lies, all the Soros tactics, all the pundit garbage and all the ilk thrown at him since the day he rode down the escalator! With all the fraud and underhanded cheating – TRUMP set HISTORIC RECORDS – 13,300,000 votes and 1,544 delegates!

The results are in – AMERICA HAS CHOSEN THEIR NEXT PRESIDENT!  Donald John Trump!

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Meanwhile the establishment elite are pushing, shoving and trying their hardest to make Hillary pass through the eye of a needle!  They must save their evil plans to merge the United States into their global North American Union and bring about their world order.  Well, not on Trump’s watch and not on the watch of American citizens who love their nation and want it back!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Janet says:

    Things are moving quickly after Hillary got endorsed. Now we have to fight to keep the Internet from going GLOBAL, next TX = state? Praying, but awake. Thank you for encouragement.


  2. Ahead of schedule and under budget, as usual!

    So, please tell us once again how much smarter, more advanced, and more prepared the Cubanadian Lyin’ Ted is. You know, the story about a better ground game.

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  3. Ideas Time says:

    The next huge hurtle will how to stop the vote rigging. The good news is that the primaries exposed the massive vote theft, rigging and fraud.

    We need to make sure the people set up recorded exit polling everywhere to expose vote flipping that we can most certainly expect.

    Trump needs to start coming up with a plan and expose to all so they will be more afraid to try stealing Trump votes and giving them Crooked Hillary.

    All this fraud could be stopped overnight if we had public voting as apposed to secrete voting that that is easy to fix at will. We need a line for Trump and one for Hillary.

    Let them try and hide that. The Hillary line may to short to find however and Trump’s lines will go around the block.

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