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Trump thanked the crowd and let them know a great speech was coming on Monday regarding the entire Clinton empire!  You don’t want to miss this roar of truth that will be coming up!  It is an exciting time in America and a time of grave crossroads.  Trump called out without specifics all the land grabs and land leases the Clinton Foundation has handed Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia without any American knowing. And believe those in the congress like Ryan and the senate like Reid and McCain all knew!  ALL OF THEM KNEW!

I wrote on this and it got a lot of circulation.  Now….come Monday you are going to hear it from the top!  Watch for Trump’s speech and know it is the truth!

Together all citizens  who make up the  American people will be first again with Donald John Trump! Then together we will all make America great again!

Dianne Marshall



  1. I’ll be DAMNED! I predicted that Trump would win the nomination with 1,438 delegate votes at the convention. He’s got more pledged delegates than I even predicted at the time I made the prediction, which, at the time, was considered “overly optimistic” by a lot of my friends. At the moment, according to MSNBC, Trump has 1,536 pledged delegates. Better than I ever thought it would get. It’s going much smoother than perhaps anyone previously thought. I’m really loving this. I really am. After he lost the Wisconsin primary loss, I was close, very close to just giving up, I was so discouraged. WOW! What a comeback. We did it in grand style.


  2. Margaret Timmerman says:

    ❤ made me tear up.. he is speaking with so much care about America…. I know he will win.. but its not going to be easy.. he has been beaten down for 1/1/2 years.. strong man


  3. James Meeks says:

    Trump should tell Ryan, McConnell, and all of the “NeverTrump”ers to go to hell. Stand aside or get buried by the landslide.


  4. Ideas Time says:

    The Clinton machine will rig the election with the help of the establishment.

    Anyone including the dead will be allowed to vote for Crooked Hillary and more than once.

    What we really need is no more secret voting, show id to vote and lines for the man or woman you support.

    Secret voting to of course protect us and has enabled the fraud by the elite who rig the system to stay in power.

    If you stand for someone or something you should be willing to display it. Only cowards hide behind curtains like the old man in OZ.


  5. Cats4Trump says:

    I believe he is gaining in humility and wisdom as he sees the enormity of the task ahead. I put him on par with our first president (my favorite) George Washington in farsightedness and vision of the task he faces. Like Washington, he’s facing a formidable and desperate foe lined up against him and terrible odds. I pray for his protection and for God’s mercy on our nation.


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