What we are watching take place in California is a result of Governor Brown and his entire SANCTUARY STATE OF NO BORDERS!  Yes, the entire state was declared a sanctuary for illegals back in January of 2015.  So, this means that illegals can get away with any behavior and have sanctuary!  What applies now to illegals is shocking. Laws for illegal lawbreakers have been reduced so that many crimes that are a felony for citizens are now counted as misdemeanors for the lawless ones.

sanctuary imagesKJNAXMWR

Trump will end the sanctuaries by crushing where it seems to hurt the most. In the pocket book@!  I say Trump all the way and end the insanity we are watching.

Meanwhile, just why is the law also turning a blind eye to the pockets of Hillary and Soros who are funding and contriving the entire organized mass protests?  They need indicted on their evil participations of harming others and violating citizens rights

donald untitled-5

Like that will happen?  Only with Trump at the helm.  They will be investigated and charged later.  Be sure of it.  No matter what, the records kept up above have jotted each act of violence and hatred on their books. One day they will indeed be opened.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Cindi says:

    What a great post Dianne!!! Sanctuary cities and states are a scourge on America and innocent law abiding Americans! So sick and tired of Obama and his followers moving this country in such a negative and backward direction! Good is Still good and bad will Always be bad no matter what Obama says and does! We are So ready to see him gone and watch Donald Trump put this country back on track and in a positive direction!!

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  2. tj says:

    the pilgrim’s were the true initial Christians – then the godless greedy profiteers started coming…

    what is illegal immigration really about?

    1) under priced labor.

    2) unfair “competition” to push down citizen wages.

    3) more bureaucratic jobs to manage “programs.”

    4) increased crime – more jobs (for generally liberal) bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, jails, rehab programs, etc, etc

    5) more votes for extremist politicians who support the unsustainable idiocy.

    6) eliminate borders – advance nwo evil…


    Vaya con Dios

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  3. Gregory says:

    illegals coming into our country are Anti-American they burn our flag beat our people in the streets and wave the Mexican flag chanting make America Mexico! They’re liberal fascists and their efforts grow to silence, censor, intimidate and beat the political right and Christians or anyone that speaks out this isn’t America anymore it’s a Communist Nightmare

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  4. Shela says:

    Lord intervene! In the Old Testament there would be a wicked king then a good King. We know that the end of time is now. We are watching man call evil good and good evil. We are literally watching the Book of Revelation play out. Donald Trump was born for such a time as this. What will the people do? Elect Hillary or Sanders the wicked? Or Donald J Trump the good? Time will tell. I truly believe there are enough people reading & posting here at the Marshall Report to pray seeking the face of God to prevent the evil one from winning. Oh the hearts of man. God says man does not know his own heart. Then God tells us what mans heart is like. Mans heart is wicked. Sometimes you just gotta wonder. You just don’t understand man. Example why would a man who appeares to support Donald Trump who appears to be a advisor a confidante to Mr Trump in fact a good candidate for VP say anything negetive about him when ask a question about Mr Trumps comments about the Judge over his University court case? Why didn’t Newt say I cant comment on that. I would think a supporter a confidante would want all the details, would want to speak with Mr Trump personally because we all know by now that Donald Trump always lets all the naysayers weigh-in with their hateful negetive comments then he tells the rest of the story. And all the negetive naysayers end up with egg on their face. There is one thing for sure Mr Trump will know before Nov. who all is REALLY for him.
    Here at The MarshelMarshall Report our prayers are with you Donald J Trump. God Bless you I know at times you feel as though your spending all your money and standing alone for a bunch of ingrates but there are 10 million + standing with you praying and cheering you on. MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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