Trump Is Unique And Chosen For This Time…

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Donald Trump has one important blessing. He is one with his maker and does the will of helping the good of mankind above all the evil. Say what you will about the man….try and compare him if you dare to any….one thing is true – he is chosen for this time and no one in history has or will be who the Donald was called to be.

Do your part and stand with him all who love the Lord!

Dianne Marshall


12 thoughts on “Trump Is Unique And Chosen For This Time…

  1. Lion2017 says:

    Thank you Dianne! I believe that Mr. Trump is God’s Messenger chosen to save our Country the United States of America! It is Trump’s Time.
    Donald J. Trump The People’s President 2017!


  2. Yes. I agree God can use anybody and think it is highly probable God is using him. Trump strikes me as a Romans 13 type of leader – one who will punish evil and had actions and commend good actions. Trump has gotten stronger after vicious attacks and his attackers have gotten weaker. However, maybe Trump culturally identifies with Christianity, but I don’t think he is a fully converted Christian yet. He had said he never asked God for forgiveness. I just hope Trump realizes how much he needs God to continue to help him and protect him. Also I think DC has an evil climate (demonic) where good intentions seem to get lost. Our country needs God and the revival of God’s people to truly make this country great again.


  3. I believe Trump is our Last Hope … to take back our country. It could be God chose MR. Trump ,, he seem to be this Countries last hope,,,.( don’t see any one else trying to help the Country.) to turn this country around an get rid the the evil people, who are trying to take this country from we the People of America…. God Bless America and God bless Mr. Trump and keep him safe.


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