The World Is Watching And Believe Me – They Admire Trump!

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Trump has made waves across the oceans all around the USA! The people who seek a world without all the crazy junk and tricks like GMO’s, Drone attacks because of a failed foreign policy, HAARP induced earthquakes, deadly vaccines and laboratory produced insects are all for Trump!  There are more little people who desire a free world than there are Oligarchs who desire to possess it!  Remember it is written that Babylon falls and the ones who weep and wail are the great merchants of the earth (industrial tycoons) not the little God fearing people.  We are getting closer and closer to what is about to  be the most glorious victory in the history of the world.

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I believe Trump will be leading all the dry bones that have awoke and stood as a great and powerful army!!!

Dianne Marshall


11 thoughts on “The World Is Watching And Believe Me – They Admire Trump!

  1. Nina Rose says:

    Exceptional… I’m your #1 fan@… I like the way you conduct your buisness@Trump… I hope, that when you become the next president, that you will surprise the world, by pursuing @ creating change, and with diplomacy and strategy. Focus on priorities to direct this country in the way it needs to move. Please save the veterans, especially in receiving qualified Medical care and treatments, too many lives are lost through negligence, malpractice, under qualified /incompetent employees… They should be tested, monitored, surveillanced, it’s a matter of life, and death.. Reveal your true compansions, and you will have the voters at your palms.. You will succeed, you will have the last word, and I do believe. God be with you+ the Supreme Art of War, is to subdue the enemy without fighting. John 10:10 “The thiefs purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy.” I would like to see you in a silky purple tie with a white or lavender shirt. GoTrumpGo


  2. Not sure how credible this is but sure sounds good sounds like hill and a few other criminals are being outed some more.!! Time for it all to be layed on the table. Hope the arrests start soon.

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    1. Jean says:

      Everyone, Ed Rollins is not to be trusted: according to RogerStone: stone…. Article titled …. Rollins Superpac a scam…. He is always on Fox, but Stone says Rollins will turn on Mr. Trump. All evil is coming against Mr. Trump. Let us pray for him!

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