There is only one candidate who has addressed the issues that Americans have concerns about – and only one candidate who has dared bring up Christian persecution – that man is DONALD JOHN TRUMP!  Not a one else has raised the question, nor the issue.  It is a shame when leaders and candidates will support those who desire to kill the infidel more than they will support the voter who most are Christian. In America none refer to themselves as an infidel…not even the far leaning left.  No American wants to be slaughtered because they have privilege to live in America and no American wants to be slaughtered because they have worked hard and earned a good living. None want to be killed for who they do or don’t believe in.

If what I have just said is something you do not agree with, then so be it.  You are not the one I am trying to reach, for there will always be evil thinkers among us….it is written.  There will also always be those seeking to find the truth for it is written as well. That is who this message is for.

Dianne Marshall



  1. tj says:

    praise GOD!

    thanks for the astute observation Ms. Marshall.

    “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, & things in earth, & things under the earth; & that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (philippines 2.10-11 – kjb)
    Vaya con Dios


  2. James Cowie says:

    We all need to remember that the first
    landing in this country those aboard were told to pray for three day’s before coming ashore and claiming this land for Jesus Christ and Christianity. Make no mistake about what this land is and was alway’s meant to be God’s nation. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and everyone who signed the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights prayed to God after every time they met while forming this United States. Time and time again they talked about the landing in the 1600’s and that this was a Christian nation for ever. You do not need to be a Christian to be here but to change what our forefathers wanted means that there is no United States. God was meant to be in government, prayer should be in school if we turn our backs on The Lord the price we pay may be this great nation we love. So much for our leader’s who do not care how most people feel or what they want. Say a prayer that this nation turn’s back to it Christian roots.


  3. Deb says:

    I pray for Mr Trump’s salvation. I truly believe he is God’s chosen one to lead this country, to expose the sins of our Washinton powerticians, the corrupt agencies, the corrupt lobbies and the control of the NWO. DJT KNOWS about the NWO, WHY do ya think they hate him so much!?
    I pray for the protection of Mr Trump and his family, may God’s heavenly angels surround him and he not even “strike his foot”. As my very favorite Watchman, Steve Quayle, says…there is no political solution to a spiritual problem!”
    But because DJT is chosen by God, I believe ALL of God’s divine plan WILL come to pass. It is time for us to “RISE UP! O SAINTS OF GOD!” Stand firm with Mr Trump, and boldly proclaim Jesus IS LORD, and America needs to REPENT of its’ sin.
    Did God choose a righteous man to lead us in Mr Trump? That, my friend, is the sovereignty of God- and many times he used unsaved people for His purpose. I truly pray for Donald’s salvation. God will keep his chosen safe.


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